Here are some examples what stereo3d filter can do:

side by side half width left first
above bellow left first
-vf stereo3d=sbs2l:abl

Converted to different anaglyph formats:

Red blue gray/monochrome Red green gray/monochrome
-vf stereod3d=sbs2l:arbg -vf stereo3d=sbs2l:argg
Red cyan gray/monochrome Red cyan color Red cyan half color Red cyan dubois
-vf stereo3d=sbs2l:arcg -vf stereo3d=sbs2l:arcc -vf stereo3d=sbs2l:arch -vf stereo3d=sbs2l:arcd
Green magenta gray/monochrome Green magenta color Green magenta half color Green magenta dubois
-vf stereo3d=sbs2l:agmg -vf stereo3d=sbs2l:agmc -vf stereo3d=sbs2l:agmh -vf stereo3d=sbs2l:agmd
Yellow blue gray/monochrome Yellow blue color Yellow blue half color Yellow blue dubois
-vf stereo3d=sbs2l:aybg -vf stereo3d=sbs2l:aybc -vf stereo3d=sbs2l:aybh -vf stereo3d=sbs2l:aybd
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