Outreachy 2016-12 Qualification tasks

ProjectQualification MentorApplicant NameApplicant NickApplicant EmailQualification TaskDate GivenStatusDate first submittedDate Completed
Improve Selftest CoverageMichael NiedermayerThomas Turnerthomastdt@gmail.comImprove selftest code coverage for libavcodec and libavutil, specifically av_fifo_generic_peek(...), av_fifo_grow(...), av_packet_clone(...)0ct 5th 2016Emailed patch for libavutil library
Audio Fingerprinting Filters for FFmpegMichael NiedermayerPallavi a filter which finds and prints the frequency/time peaks, show that re-encoding the file at lower bitrate results in sufficiently identical peaks0ct 12th 2016Emailed codeOct 15th 2016
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