Outreachy 2015-05 Qualification tasks

ProjectQualification MentorApplicant NameApplicant NickApplicant EmailQualification TaskComplexity Index (mmh)Date GivenStatusDate first submittedDate CompletedScore
API regression testingKieran Kunhya Lyudmila Glinskikhlglinskih 10.04.2015 20.04.2015
Implement full support for 3GPP Timed TextPhilip Langdale Marie Huynh Implement support for bold/italic/underline styles in movtext encoder 8h 11.04.2015
Creating fate test/finding samples to improve fate testingKieran Kunhya Camila SoutoCamilaSoutosouto.camila@gmail.comWrite test to decode a H264 and add it to test suite 29.03.2015 withdrawn
API regression testingKieran Kunhya V Brunnervibr
Small and fast multimedia library Suvedha Gurubaran
TrueHD encoderRamiro PollaPriya BansalPriya Find out how to validate MLP bitstream 2) Update experimental MLP encoder 3.3.2015
FFmpeg API test suiteKieran Kunhya Yayoi Ukaiyayoi withdrawn 10.04.2015(subtitles)
Intially unmentored projects
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