This page lists FFmpeg Assembly Language tasks that are suitable for beginners

  • Convert MMX assembly language to SSE2 - For example:;a=commitdiff;h=40c5c19eac21025d1538250926761e8e960e6c81 (e.g. in libavcodec: h264/dirac, fpel, h263, h264, hevc_idct, hpel, huffyuv, losslessvideo, motion, png, qpel, rv34, sbc, idct, vc1, video, vp3, vp8, vp9, in libswscale: yuv2rgb, yuv2yuv, rgb2rgb, output, in libavfilter: vf_fspp, vf_gradfun, vf_pp7, vf_pullup).
  • Write AVX512ICL Swscale Code
  • Write HEVC/VVC AVX2
  • Add Checkasm tests (e.g. in libavcodec: celt, cfhd, dca, dirac, dnxhd, fdct, fpel, h263, hpel, imdct36, mlp, mpeg4video, mpegaudio, png, prores, qpel, rv40, sbc, snow, svq1, tta, vp3, vp6, vvc, in libswscale: e.g. *toY() (input), in libavfilter: almost anything)
  • Add V210X SIMD (similar to V210 but endian changed)

For more assistance please ask on in the #ffmpeg-devel channel This blog post provides more background information:

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