This page used to hold info about Intel C Compiler and Microsoft Visual Studio. FFmpeg supports these two compilers since 2012. See more up-to-date info at FFmpeg website.

The information below is just for historical values:

Over time, there have been continual requests to make changes to FFmpeg in order for it to build with other compilers, such as the Intel C Compiler and MSVC. While this is a worthwhile goal, it will require a fair amount of work. If clean, non-intrusive solutions can be found to the issues, there is a good chance they can be merged into FFmpeg, and hopefully the goals can be achieved.

Currently, there aren't any strong enough efforts carrying enough momentum to properly undertake this task. The purpose of this page is to document known issues and explore proposed solutions, building a knowledge base until there is enough momentum to properly address the issues and achieve the goal of supporting additional compilers.

Known Intel C Compiler Issues

Known MSVC Compiler Issues

Named Initializers

Problem: MSVC does not support C99 named initializers.
Sample of where it's used: aacdec.c (though it's used frequently throughout the entire project)
Proposed solutions: Open for proposals

Compound Literals

Problem: MSVC does not support C99 compound literals.
Sample of where it's used: avutil.h
Proposed solutions: Open for proposals

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