openSUSE 13.1

In openSUSE 13.1, there's no mips-gcc-linux in the official repos.

First step to get it to work, is adding the following repo from the open build service (under your own responsability - it's an unofficial repo with no guarantees):

If you want to build for hard float ABI, add the following repo in addition to the above:

Afer adding these, install all required tools running the following

$ sudo zypper in cross-mips-linux-binutils cross-mips-linux-gcc cross-mips-linux-glibc qemu-linux-user

Or, for hard float builds:

$ sudo zypper in cross-mips-linux-binutils cross-mips-linux-hf-gcc cross-mips-linux-hf-glibc qemu-linux-user

In order to get a working build without hard-float, both dsp and hard float have to be disabled, and only use static builds - at the moment of this writing, simply specifying a library path to qemu-mips will result in a runaway process eating all system memory until killed by the OOM. The result is a very slow build, but functional enough to run fate tests:

$ ./configure --target-os=linux --arch=mips --disable-mipsdspr1 --disable-mipsdspr2 --disable-mipsfpu \
  --enable-cross-compile --cross-prefix=mips-linux- --target-exec=qemu-mips --prefix=/opt/cross \
  --extra-ldflags=-static --ranlib=mips-linux-ranlib

Otherwise configure with:

$ ./configure --target-os=linux --arch=mips \
  --enable-cross-compile --cross-prefix=mips-linux- --target-exec="qemu-mips -cpu 74Kf" --prefix=/opt/cross \
  --extra-ldflags=-static --ranlib=mips-linux-ranlib

Just in case, as a protection against the runaway-memory-eating bug, you may want to ulimit your shell (assuming you have 2G of RAM or more free):

$ ulimit -v 2G

And then build as usual.

Running any cross-compiled tool is done like:

$ qemu-mips -cpu 74Kf ffmpeg --help
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