Blend modes with blend and tblend filter:

addition and average bleach burn
darken difference divide dodge exclusion
extremity freeze geometric glow grainextract
grainmerge hardlight hardmix hardoverlay harmonic
heat interpolate lighten linearlight multiply128
multiply negation normal (all_opacity = 1) normal (all_opacity = 0.5) normal (all_opacity = 0)
or overlay phoenix pinlight reflect
screen softdifference softlight stain subtract
vividlight xor

These images can be made with these command lines:

ffmpeg -f lavfi -i color=s=256x256,geq=r='H-1-Y':g='H-1-Y':b='H-1-Y' -frames 1 -y test.png

ffmpeg -i test.png -vf "split[a][b];[b]transpose[b];[a][b]blend=all_mode=harmonic,pseudocolor=preset=turbo" -y harmonic.png

These are the input images before and after transposing:

test.png test_transposed.png
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