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#9802 closed defect (fixed)

aac_mf encoder fails: nb_samples (1024) != frame_size (0)

Reported by: Michael Lelli Owned by:
Priority: normal Component: avcodec
Version: git-master Keywords: mediafoundation AAC
Cc: Dylan Staley Blocked By:
Blocking: Reproduced by developer: no
Analyzed by developer: no


Summary of the bug:
When trying to use the aac_mf encoder, this error log is always displayed instead:

[aac_mf @ ...] nb_samples (1024) != frame_size (0)
Error submitting audio frame to the encoder

Tried with both a 5.0.1 build and a build on c6364b711b

How to reproduce:

% ffmpeg -i in.wav -c:a aac_mf out.aac


ffmpeg version Copyright (c) 2000-2022 the FFmpeg developers
built with gcc 11.3.0 (Rev1, Built by MSYS2 project)

Change History (5)

comment:1 by Dylan Staley, 2 years ago

Cc: Dylan Staley added

This functionality was broken in 827d6fe73d2f5472c1c2128eb14fab6a4db29032

git bisect start
# good: [050b72ab5ef318605b305aa6cb920e8b52f1002e] avcodec: Add MediaFoundation encoder wrapper
git bisect good 050b72ab5ef318605b305aa6cb920e8b52f1002e
# bad: [6a02de21278ec3bea1d2c62665f2629d5a62210f] avformat/aiffdec: avoid integer overflow in get_meta()
git bisect bad 6a02de21278ec3bea1d2c62665f2629d5a62210f
# bad: [8b32a6f1aa244aba3647b035899c644ba775782e] avcodec/dnxhdenc: Mark encoder as init-threadsafe
git bisect bad 8b32a6f1aa244aba3647b035899c644ba775782e
# bad: [88f0d6b60c9b473b9654b27db6e9cd078213e3fa] avcodec/xl: Mark decoder as init-threadsafe
git bisect bad 88f0d6b60c9b473b9654b27db6e9cd078213e3fa
# bad: [88db1745fc3b99cd8df000baa0b1af9ee2bac4ac] avfilter/vf_alphamerge: use framesync
git bisect bad 88db1745fc3b99cd8df000baa0b1af9ee2bac4ac
# bad: [9d14b38d9db272585ab2219805ec62c88e02708b] dnn_backend_native_layer_mathunary: add asinh support
git bisect bad 9d14b38d9db272585ab2219805ec62c88e02708b
# good: [d7a2311a2c5be1e861c3df618d295e7eced8e84b] avcodec/movtextdec: Fix shift overflows in mov_text_init()
git bisect good d7a2311a2c5be1e861c3df618d295e7eced8e84b
# bad: [536e5dfa73b0c5e87deb7f36d22dcc784b3570de] avcodec/adpcmenc: remove forward declaration
git bisect bad 536e5dfa73b0c5e87deb7f36d22dcc784b3570de
# good: [ef13fafe229a86480305fbb05e83208102ea962f] avcodec/cbs_h2645: abort when written inferred values don't match
git bisect good ef13fafe229a86480305fbb05e83208102ea962f
# good: [cb98483ea081c0ea7949a75f9776703f395f8e8d] avcodec/ccaption_dec: add support for colors
git bisect good cb98483ea081c0ea7949a75f9776703f395f8e8d
# good: [b52ca2cec27bc5d60750680f01f86d22dc8c2cbb] avformat/sccdec: make splitting more robust
git bisect good b52ca2cec27bc5d60750680f01f86d22dc8c2cbb
# bad: [af6cddae1fe9cf378e961d9a2a36dd7234996ab3] avcodec/av1_parser: add missing parsing for RGB pixel format signaling
git bisect bad af6cddae1fe9cf378e961d9a2a36dd7234996ab3
# bad: [e3b5897fe3f1b76b4d46bab452cd35a7f308a93a] avcodec/libx265: Fix integer overflow in computation of max and avg bitrate
git bisect bad e3b5897fe3f1b76b4d46bab452cd35a7f308a93a
# bad: [827d6fe73d2f5472c1c2128eb14fab6a4db29032] avcodec/encode: restructure the core encoding code
git bisect bad 827d6fe73d2f5472c1c2128eb14fab6a4db29032
# good: [71f19bf5e31ec4039ef0f9e22b157657c57e2cb9] avformat: add MCC demuxer
git bisect good 71f19bf5e31ec4039ef0f9e22b157657c57e2cb9
# first bad commit: [827d6fe73d2f5472c1c2128eb14fab6a4db29032] avcodec/encode: restructure the core encoding code

comment:2 by Gyan, 2 years ago

There's a patch for this on the ML.

in reply to:  2 ; comment:3 by Balling, 2 years ago

Replying to Gyan:

There's a patch for this on the ML.


in reply to:  3 comment:4 by Dylan Staley, 2 years ago

Replying to Balling:

Replying to Gyan:

There's a patch for this on the ML.


The patch is here

(Thanks Gyan!)

comment:5 by Gyan, 2 years ago

Resolution: fixed
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