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`Incomplete CU-tree stats file` on 2-pass x265 encode

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Summary of the bug:

Unable to 2-pass x265 encode some files.
Crash on the second pass with Incomplete CU-tree stats file

How to reproduce:

./ 2020-08-27.ts
x265 [error]: Incomplete CU-tree stats file.
Video encoding failed
x265 [info]: frame I:     18, Avg QP:6.68  kb/s: 116260.81
x265 [info]: frame P:   1176, Avg QP:12.74  kb/s: 5613.92 
x265 [info]: frame B:   2443, Avg QP:19.70  kb/s: 327.06  
x265 [info]: Weighted P-Frames: Y:0.0% UV:0.0%
x265 [info]: consecutive B-frames: 29.9% 8.2% 23.4% 4.6% 34.0% 

encoded 3637 frames in 54.02s (67.32 fps), 2610.31 kb/s, Avg QP:17.39
[aac @ 0x55808e19f240] Qavg: 241.662
[aac @ 0x55808e19f240] 2 frames left in the queue on closing
Conversion failed!

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comment:1 by aeris, 17 months ago

Test files to heavy to be enclosed to the ticket, so

Input file:
Output files:

Encoding script:

#!/usr/bin/env bash
VIDEO_PARAMETERS=(-c:v libx265 -b:v 2600k)
AUDIO_PARAMETERS=(-c:a aac -b:a 128k)
CMD=(ffmpeg -y -i "$INPUT" -threads 0 -passlogfile "$LOG" -movflags faststart)

"${CMD[@]}" -pass 1 -x265-params "pass=1:stats=$LOG" "${VIDEO_PARAMETERS[@]}" -an -f mp4 /dev/null
"${CMD[@]}" -pass 2 -x265-params "pass=2:stats=$LOG" "${VIDEO_PARAMETERS[@]}" "${AUDIO_PARAMETERS[@]}" "$OUTPUT"
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comment:2 by Carl Eugen Hoyos, 17 months ago

Please provide backtrace, disassembly and register dump for all crash reports.

comment:3 by aeris, 17 months ago

Oh sorry, it's not a software crash. Just the encoding stop and exit before the end.

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comment:4 by aeris, 17 months ago

Summary: `Incomplete CU-tree stats file` crash on 2-pass x265 encode`Incomplete CU-tree stats file` on 2-pass x265 encode
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