Opened 3 years ago

Closed 15 months ago

#8333 closed defect (fixed)

"dvvideo" decodes at wrong resolution and fps - result is corrupt

Reported by: Mark Owned by:
Priority: normal Component: avcodec
Version: git-master Keywords: dvvideo
Cc: Blocked By:
Blocking: Reproduced by developer: yes
Analyzed by developer: no


Summary of the bug:
I am trying to transcode some "good old" MiniDV videos (dvvideo codec in AVI container) to a modern format.

For some videos, the result is corrupt: It looks like, 16x16px or 8x8px blocks are a little "shuffled". Sometimes the audio is affected too (either wrong frequency or some gaps or "loud clicks"). See attached sample video for an example (playback in VLC already shows it).

Some investigation:

  • the corrupt videos show a resolution of 720x480 (see "full output") - but are definitely in 720x576
  • the corrupt videos show 29.97 of fps (see "full output") - but are definitely in 25 fps
  • playback in VLC player has the same problems
  • playback in e.g. "Windows Media Player" in Windows 10 works fine
  • some of my DV videos work fine - and some not (still could not isolate the crucial differences)

Wild guessing:

  • seems to be a problem in the DV decoder in avcodec
  • a look at the source at is interesting - seems that DV works with "profiles" and the profile that is used for my corrupt videos is the first one in the dv_profiles array - maybe it is a kind of "fallback" and my videos use an "unknown" profile?

How to reproduce:

% ffmpeg -i dvvideo-decode-wrong-res-and-fps.avi dvvideo-decode-wrong-res-and-fps.mp4
ffmpeg version: ffmpeg-20191023-ac0f5f4-win64-shared (current windows snapshot - but same problem under linux too)

Full Output (with -v 9 -loglevel 99):

C:\Users\Mark\Desktop>C:\Users\Mark\Downloads\ffmpeg-20191023-ac0f5f4-win64-shared\bin\ffmpeg.exe -v 9 -loglevel 99 -i dvvideo-decode-wrong-res-and-fps.avi dvvideo-decode-wrong-res-and-fps.mp4
ffmpeg version git-2019-10-23-ac0f5f4 Copyright (c) 2000-2019 the FFmpeg developers
  built with gcc 9.2.1 (GCC) 20191010
  configuration: --disable-static --enable-shared --enable-gpl --enable-version3 --enable-sdl2 --enable-fontconfig --enable-gnutls --enable-iconv --enable-libass --enable-libdav1d --enable-libbluray --enable-libfreetype --enable-libmp3lame --enable-libopencore-amrnb --enable-libopencore-amrwb --enable-libopenjpeg --enable-libopus --enable-libshine --enable-libsnappy --enable-libsoxr --enable-libtheora --enable-libtwolame --enable-libvpx --enable-libwavpack --enable-libwebp --enable-libx264 --enable-libx265 --enable-libxml2 --enable-libzimg --enable-lzma --enable-zlib --enable-gmp --enable-libvidstab --enable-libvorbis --enable-libvo-amrwbenc --enable-libmysofa --enable-libspeex --enable-libxvid --enable-libaom --enable-libmfx --enable-ffnvcodec --enable-cuvid --enable-d3d11va --enable-nvenc --enable-nvdec --enable-dxva2 --enable-avisynth --enable-libopenmpt --enable-amf
  libavutil      56. 35.101 / 56. 35.101
  libavcodec     58. 59.102 / 58. 59.102
  libavformat    58. 33.100 / 58. 33.100
  libavdevice    58.  9.100 / 58.  9.100
  libavfilter     7. 64.100 /  7. 64.100
  libswscale      5.  6.100 /  5.  6.100
  libswresample   3.  6.100 /  3.  6.100
  libpostproc    55.  6.100 / 55.  6.100
Splitting the commandline.
Reading option '-v' ... matched as option 'v' (set logging level) with argument '9'.
Reading option '-loglevel' ... matched as option 'loglevel' (set logging level) with argument '99'.
Reading option '-i' ... matched as input url with argument 'dvvideo-decode-wrong-res-and-fps.avi'.
Reading option 'dvvideo-decode-wrong-res-and-fps.mp4' ... matched as output url.
Finished splitting the commandline.
Parsing a group of options: global .
Applying option v (set logging level) with argument 9.
Successfully parsed a group of options.
Parsing a group of options: input url dvvideo-decode-wrong-res-and-fps.avi.
Successfully parsed a group of options.
Opening an input file: dvvideo-decode-wrong-res-and-fps.avi.
[NULL @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] Opening 'dvvideo-decode-wrong-res-and-fps.avi' for reading
[file @ 0000022ff4c90cc0] Setting default whitelist 'file,crypto'
Probing avi score:100 size:2048
Probing mp3 score:1 size:2048
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] Format avi probed with size=2048 and score=100
[avi @ 0000022ff4c99080] use odml:1
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:14 tag: tag=LIST size=0x7fc4
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:18 list: tag=hdrl size=0x0
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:20 tag: tag=avih size=0x38
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:60 tag: tag=LIST size=0x7e6c
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:64 list: tag=strl size=0x0
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:6C tag: tag=strh size=0x38
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:74 strh: tag=iavs size=0xffffffff
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:AC tag: tag=strf size=0x20
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:D4 tag: tag=indx size=0x7df8
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] longs_per_entry:4 index_type:0 entries_in_use:1 chunk_id:5F5F3030 base:               0 frame_num:0
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] longs_per_entry:2 index_type:1 entries_in_use:219 chunk_id:5F5F3030 base:            FE00 frame_num:0
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:65024, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:209408, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:353792, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:498176, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:642560, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:786944, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:931328, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:1075712, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:1220096, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:1364480, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:1508864, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:1653248, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:1797632, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:1942016, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:2086400, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:2230784, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:2375168, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:2519552, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:2663936, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:2808320, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:2952704, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:3097088, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:3241472, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:3385856, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:3530240, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:3674624, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:3819008, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:3963392, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:4107776, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:4252160, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:4396544, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:4540928, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:4685312, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:4829696, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:4974080, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:5118464, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:5262848, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:5407232, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:5551616, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:5696000, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:5840384, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:5984768, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:6129152, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:6273536, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:6417920, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:6562304, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:6706688, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:6851072, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:6995456, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:7139840, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:7284224, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:7428608, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:7572992, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:7717376, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:7861760, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:8006144, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:8150528, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:8294912, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:8439296, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:8583680, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:8728064, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:8872448, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:9016832, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:9161216, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:9305600, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:9449984, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:9594368, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:9738752, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:9883136, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:10027520, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:10171904, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:10316288, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:10460672, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:10605056, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:10749440, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:10893824, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:11038208, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:11182592, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:11326976, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:11471360, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:11615744, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:11760128, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:11904512, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:12048896, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:12193280, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:12337664, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:12482048, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:12626432, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:12770816, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:12915200, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:13059584, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:13203968, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:13348352, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:13492736, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:13637120, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:13781504, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:13925888, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:14070272, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:14214656, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:14359040, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:14503424, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:14647808, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:14792192, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:14936576, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:15080960, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:15225344, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:15369728, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:15514112, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:15658496, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:15802880, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:15947264, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:16091648, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:16236032, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:16380416, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:16524800, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:16669184, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:16813568, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:16957952, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:17102336, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:17246720, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:17391104, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:17535488, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:17679872, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:17824256, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:17968640, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:18113024, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:18257408, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:18401792, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:18546176, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:18690560, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:18834944, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:18979328, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:19123712, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:19268096, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:19412480, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:19556864, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:19701248, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:19845632, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:19990016, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:20134400, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:20278784, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:20423168, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:20567552, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:20711936, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:20856320, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:21000704, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:21145088, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:21289472, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:21433856, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:21578240, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:21722624, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:21867008, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:22011392, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:22155776, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:22300160, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:22444544, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:22588928, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:22733312, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:22877696, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:23022080, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:23166464, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:23310848, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:23455232, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:23599616, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:23744000, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:23888384, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:24032768, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:24177152, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:24321536, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:24465920, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:24610304, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:24754688, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:24899072, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:25043456, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:25187840, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:25332224, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:25476608, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:25620992, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:25765376, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:25909760, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:26054144, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:26198528, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:26342912, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:26487296, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:26631680, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:26776064, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:26920448, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:27064832, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:27209216, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:27353600, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:27497984, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:27642368, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:27786752, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:27931136, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:28075520, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:28219904, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:28364288, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:28508672, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:28653056, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:28797440, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:28941824, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:29086208, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:29230592, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:29374976, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:29519360, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:29663744, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:29808128, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:29952512, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:30096896, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:30241280, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:30385664, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:30530048, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:30674432, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:30818816, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:30963200, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:31107584, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:31251968, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:31396352, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:31540736, len:23280
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:7ED4 tag: tag=LIST size=0x104
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:7ED8 list: tag=odml size=0x0
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:7EE0 tag: tag=dmlh size=0xf8
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:7FE0 tag: tag=JUNK size=0x14
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:7FFC tag: tag=LIST size=0x1e2fa04
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] pos:8000 list: tag=movi size=0x0
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] movi end=1e37a00
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] Before avformat_find_stream_info() pos: 32768 bytes read:98304 seeks:2 nb_streams:1
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] All info found
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] stream 0: start_time: 0.000 duration: -307753180296387712.000
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] stream 1: start_time: 0.000 duration: -307445734561825.875
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] stream 2: start_time: 0.000 duration: -307445734561825.875
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] format: start_time: 0.000 duration: 8.760 (estimate from stream) bitrate=28936 kb/s
[avi @ 0000022ff4c8fb80] After avformat_find_stream_info() pos: 209032 bytes read:242108 seeks:2 frames:3
Input #0, avi, from 'dvvideo-decode-wrong-res-and-fps.avi':
  Duration: 00:00:08.76, start: 0.000000, bitrate: 28936 kb/s
    Stream #0:0, 1, 1001/30000: Video: dvvideo, 1 reference frame, yuv411p(topleft), 720x480 [SAR 8:9 DAR 4:3], 0/1, 25000 kb/s, 29.97 fps, 29.97 tbr, 29.97 tbn, 29.97 tbc
    Stream #0:1, 1, 1/30000: Audio: pcm_s16le, 32000 Hz, stereo, s16, 1024 kb/s
    Stream #0:2, 1, 1/30000: Audio: pcm_s16le, 32000 Hz, stereo, s16, 1024 kb/s
Successfully opened the file.
Parsing a group of options: output url dvvideo-decode-wrong-res-and-fps.mp4.
Successfully parsed a group of options.
Opening an output file: dvvideo-decode-wrong-res-and-fps.mp4.
[file @ 0000022ff4c96e00] Setting default whitelist 'file,crypto'
Successfully opened the file.
detected 8 logical cores
Stream mapping:
  Stream #0:0 -> #0:0 (dvvideo (native) -> h264 (libx264))
  Stream #0:1 -> #0:1 (pcm_s16le (native) -> aac (native))
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cur_dts is invalid st:0 (0) [init:0 i_done:0 finish:0] (this is harmless if it occurs once at the start per stream)
    Last message repeated 1 times
[graph_1_in_0_1 @ 0000022ff4cf4180] Setting 'time_base' to value '1/32000'
[graph_1_in_0_1 @ 0000022ff4cf4180] Setting 'sample_rate' to value '32000'
[graph_1_in_0_1 @ 0000022ff4cf4180] Setting 'sample_fmt' to value 's16'
[graph_1_in_0_1 @ 0000022ff4cf4180] Setting 'channel_layout' to value '0x3'
[graph_1_in_0_1 @ 0000022ff4cf4180] tb:1/32000 samplefmt:s16 samplerate:32000 chlayout:0x3
[format_out_0_1 @ 0000022ff5169e40] Setting 'sample_fmts' to value 'fltp'
[format_out_0_1 @ 0000022ff5169e40] Setting 'sample_rates' to value '96000|88200|64000|48000|44100|32000|24000|22050|16000|12000|11025|8000|7350'
[format_out_0_1 @ 0000022ff5169e40] auto-inserting filter 'auto_resampler_0' between the filter 'Parsed_anull_0' and the filter 'format_out_0_1'
[AVFilterGraph @ 0000022ff4c97b80] query_formats: 4 queried, 6 merged, 3 already done, 0 delayed
[auto_resampler_0 @ 0000022ff4d02900] [SWR @ 0000022ff5298000] Using s16p internally between filters
[auto_resampler_0 @ 0000022ff4d02900] ch:2 chl:stereo fmt:s16 r:32000Hz -> ch:2 chl:stereo fmt:fltp r:32000Hz
cur_dts is invalid st:0 (0) [init:0 i_done:0 finish:0] (this is harmless if it occurs once at the start per stream)
    Last message repeated 22 times
[graph 0 input from stream 0:0 @ 0000022ff4c92280] Setting 'video_size' to value '720x480'
[graph 0 input from stream 0:0 @ 0000022ff4c92280] Setting 'pix_fmt' to value '7'
[graph 0 input from stream 0:0 @ 0000022ff4c92280] Setting 'time_base' to value '1001/30000'
[graph 0 input from stream 0:0 @ 0000022ff4c92280] Setting 'pixel_aspect' to value '8/9'
[graph 0 input from stream 0:0 @ 0000022ff4c92280] Setting 'sws_param' to value 'flags=2'
[graph 0 input from stream 0:0 @ 0000022ff4c92280] Setting 'frame_rate' to value '30000/1001'
[graph 0 input from stream 0:0 @ 0000022ff4c92280] w:720 h:480 pixfmt:yuv411p tb:1001/30000 fr:30000/1001 sar:8/9 sws_param:flags=2
[format @ 0000022ff4c926c0] Setting 'pix_fmts' to value 'yuv420p|yuvj420p|yuv422p|yuvj422p|yuv444p|yuvj444p|nv12|nv16|nv21|yuv420p10le|yuv422p10le|yuv444p10le|nv20le|gray|gray10le'
[auto_scaler_0 @ 0000022ff530ed40] Setting 'flags' to value 'bicubic'
[auto_scaler_0 @ 0000022ff530ed40] w:iw h:ih flags:'bicubic' interl:0
[format @ 0000022ff4c926c0] auto-inserting filter 'auto_scaler_0' between the filter 'Parsed_null_0' and the filter 'format'
[AVFilterGraph @ 0000022ff4c98240] query_formats: 4 queried, 2 merged, 1 already done, 0 delayed
[auto_scaler_0 @ 0000022ff530ed40] picking yuv422p out of 13 ref:yuv411p alpha:0
[auto_scaler_0 @ 0000022ff530ed40] w:720 h:480 fmt:yuv411p sar:8/9 -> w:720 h:480 fmt:yuv422p sar:8/9 flags:0x4
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] using mv_range_thread = 24
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] using SAR=8/9
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] using cpu capabilities: MMX2 SSE2Fast SSSE3 SSE4.2
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] profile High 4:2:2, level 3.0, 4:2:2, 8-bit
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] 264 - core 158 - H.264/MPEG-4 AVC codec - Copyleft 2003-2019 - - options: cabac=1 ref=3 deblock=1:0:0 analyse=0x3:0x113 me=hex subme=7 psy=1 psy_rd=1.00:0.00 mixed_ref=1 me_range=16 chroma_me=1 trellis=1 8x8dct=1 cqm=0 deadzone=21,11 fast_pskip=1 chroma_qp_offset=-2 threads=12 lookahead_threads=2 sliced_threads=0 nr=0 decimate=1 interlaced=0 bluray_compat=0 constrained_intra=0 bframes=3 b_pyramid=2 b_adapt=1 b_bias=0 direct=1 weightb=1 open_gop=0 weightp=2 keyint=250 keyint_min=25 scenecut=40 intra_refresh=0 rc_lookahead=40 rc=crf mbtree=1 crf=23.0 qcomp=0.60 qpmin=0 qpmax=69 qpstep=4 ip_ratio=1.40 aq=1:1.00
Output #0, mp4, to 'dvvideo-decode-wrong-res-and-fps.mp4':
    encoder         : Lavf58.33.100
    Stream #0:0, 0, 1/30000: Video: h264 (libx264), 1 reference frame (avc1 / 0x31637661), yuv422p(topleft), 720x480 [SAR 8:9 DAR 4:3], 0/1, q=-1--1, 29.97 fps, 30k tbn, 29.97 tbc
      encoder         : Lavc58.59.102 libx264
    Side data:
      cpb: bitrate max/min/avg: 0/0/0 buffer size: 0 vbv_delay: N/A
    Stream #0:1, 0, 1/32000: Audio: aac (LC) (mp4a / 0x6134706D), 32000 Hz, stereo, fltp, delay 1024, 128 kb/s
      encoder         : Lavc58.59.102 aac
Clipping frame in rate conversion by 0.000008
cur_dts is invalid st:0 (0) [init:1 i_done:0 finish:0] (this is harmless if it occurs once at the start per stream)
    Last message repeated 135 times
cur_dts is invalid st:0 (0) [init:1 i_done:0 finish:0] (this is harmless if it occurs once at the start per stream)
    Last message repeated 31 times
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame=   0 QP=24.66 NAL=3 Slice:I Poc:0   I:1350 P:0    SKIP:0    size=15653 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame=   1 QP=24.56 NAL=2 Slice:P Poc:8   I:213  P:1109 SKIP:28   size=10576 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame=   2 QP=25.80 NAL=2 Slice:B Poc:4   I:41   P:817  SKIP:463  size=5940 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame=   3 QP=26.19 NAL=0 Slice:B Poc:2   I:13   P:702  SKIP:586  size=3660 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame=   4 QP=25.85 NAL=0 Slice:B Poc:6   I:12   P:741  SKIP:585  size=3635 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame=   5 QP=24.46 NAL=2 Slice:P Poc:16  I:224  P:1105 SKIP:21   size=10969 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame=   6 QP=26.07 NAL=2 Slice:B Poc:12  I:44   P:1045 SKIP:222  size=6178 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame=   7 QP=26.53 NAL=0 Slice:B Poc:10  I:9    P:733  SKIP:603  size=3568 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame=   8 QP=26.43 NAL=0 Slice:B Poc:14  I:19   P:899  SKIP:421  size=4167 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame=   9 QP=25.02 NAL=2 Slice:P Poc:24  I:112  P:1203 SKIP:35   size=9369 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame=  10 QP=25.63 NAL=2 Slice:B Poc:20  I:41   P:956  SKIP:329  size=6084 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame=  11 QP=26.01 NAL=0 Slice:B Poc:18  I:9    P:694  SKIP:641  size=3302 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame=  12 QP=26.40 NAL=0 Slice:B Poc:22  I:12   P:497  SKIP:837  size=2273 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame=  13 QP=24.94 NAL=2 Slice:P Poc:32  I:414  P:922  SKIP:14   size=12577 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame=  14 QP=25.71 NAL=2 Slice:B Poc:28  I:44   P:1110 SKIP:152  size=7796 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame=  15 QP=26.05 NAL=0 Slice:B Poc:26  I:8    P:719  SKIP:607  size=3869 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame=  16 QP=26.22 NAL=0 Slice:B Poc:30  I:52   P:524  SKIP:757  size=3036 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame=  17 QP=24.85 NAL=2 Slice:P Poc:40  I:338  P:993  SKIP:19   size=12105 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame=  18 QP=25.59 NAL=2 Slice:B Poc:36  I:141  P:988  SKIP:163  size=9577 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame=  19 QP=26.38 NAL=0 Slice:B Poc:34  I:16   P:747  SKIP:561  size=4544 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame=  20 QP=26.65 NAL=0 Slice:B Poc:38  I:23   P:813  SKIP:497  size=4568 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame=  21 QP=24.67 NAL=2 Slice:P Poc:48  I:152  P:1163 SKIP:35   size=10206 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame=  22 QP=25.16 NAL=2 Slice:B Poc:44  I:85   P:977  SKIP:262  size=8447 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame=  23 QP=26.32 NAL=0 Slice:B Poc:42  I:8    P:879  SKIP:440  size=4180 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame=  24 QP=26.50 NAL=0 Slice:B Poc:46  I:15   P:764  SKIP:561  size=4260 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame=  25 QP=24.59 NAL=2 Slice:P Poc:56  I:107  P:1213 SKIP:30   size=9654 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame=  26 QP=25.36 NAL=2 Slice:B Poc:52  I:73   P:939  SKIP:300  size=7253 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame=  27 QP=26.37 NAL=0 Slice:B Poc:50  I:21   P:634  SKIP:677  size=3077 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame=  28 QP=26.40 NAL=0 Slice:B Poc:54  I:18   P:754  SKIP:572  size=3726 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame=  29 QP=24.71 NAL=2 Slice:P Poc:64  I:179  P:1139 SKIP:32   size=10232 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame=  30 QP=25.83 NAL=2 Slice:B Poc:60  I:53   P:987  SKIP:276  size=7259 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame=  31 QP=26.56 NAL=0 Slice:B Poc:58  I:8    P:501  SKIP:836  size=2321 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame=  32 QP=26.30 NAL=0 Slice:B Poc:62  I:11   P:862  SKIP:466  size=4126 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame=  33 QP=24.61 NAL=2 Slice:P Poc:72  I:354  P:980  SKIP:16   size=12961 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame=  34 QP=25.82 NAL=2 Slice:B Poc:68  I:52   P:895  SKIP:328  size=6555 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame=  35 QP=26.31 NAL=0 Slice:B Poc:66  I:15   P:542  SKIP:745  size=2920 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame=  36 QP=26.58 NAL=0 Slice:B Poc:70  I:12   P:868  SKIP:447  size=4577 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame=  37 QP=24.74 NAL=2 Slice:P Poc:80  I:195  P:1136 SKIP:19   size=12712 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame=  38 QP=26.17 NAL=2 Slice:B Poc:76  I:55   P:1019 SKIP:241  size=7466 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame=  39 QP=26.68 NAL=0 Slice:B Poc:74  I:10   P:793  SKIP:536  size=4096 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame=  40 QP=26.68 NAL=0 Slice:B Poc:78  I:18   P:810  SKIP:487  size=4988 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame=  41 QP=24.91 NAL=2 Slice:P Poc:88  I:161  P:1149 SKIP:40   size=11359 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame=  42 QP=25.91 NAL=2 Slice:B Poc:84  I:20   P:1026 SKIP:268  size=6776 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame=  43 QP=26.67 NAL=0 Slice:B Poc:82  I:11   P:820  SKIP:495  size=4601 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame=  44 QP=26.17 NAL=0 Slice:B Poc:86  I:1    P:631  SKIP:705  size=2560 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame=  45 QP=25.13 NAL=2 Slice:P Poc:96  I:88   P:1233 SKIP:29   size=10560 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame=  46 QP=25.83 NAL=2 Slice:B Poc:92  I:41   P:1115 SKIP:147  size=8563 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame=  47 QP=26.28 NAL=0 Slice:B Poc:90  I:15   P:783  SKIP:509  size=4545 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame=  48 QP=26.29 NAL=0 Slice:B Poc:94  I:4    P:582  SKIP:751  size=2783 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame=  49 QP=24.95 NAL=2 Slice:P Poc:104 I:87   P:1234 SKIP:29   size=10789 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame=  50 QP=25.44 NAL=2 Slice:B Poc:100 I:50   P:971  SKIP:278  size=7583 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame=  51 QP=26.39 NAL=0 Slice:B Poc:98  I:6    P:808  SKIP:507  size=4318 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame=  52 QP=26.54 NAL=0 Slice:B Poc:102 I:1    P:723  SKIP:617  size=3436 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame=  53 QP=24.96 NAL=2 Slice:P Poc:112 I:146  P:1186 SKIP:18   size=10738 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame=  54 QP=25.26 NAL=2 Slice:B Poc:108 I:41   P:1078 SKIP:174  size=8265 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame=  55 QP=26.62 NAL=0 Slice:B Poc:106 I:5    P:817  SKIP:501  size=4121 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame=  56 QP=26.48 NAL=0 Slice:B Poc:110 I:2    P:766  SKIP:580  size=3457 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame=  57 QP=24.87 NAL=2 Slice:P Poc:120 I:91   P:1255 SKIP:4    size=10991 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame=  58 QP=25.53 NAL=2 Slice:B Poc:116 I:42   P:894  SKIP:378  size=7017 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame=  59 QP=26.46 NAL=0 Slice:B Poc:114 I:7    P:754  SKIP:570  size=3726 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame=  60 QP=26.45 NAL=0 Slice:B Poc:118 I:7    P:769  SKIP:557  size=4042 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame=  61 QP=24.61 NAL=2 Slice:P Poc:128 I:85   P:1245 SKIP:20   size=10834 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame=  62 QP=25.85 NAL=2 Slice:B Poc:124 I:44   P:1141 SKIP:127  size=8697 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame=  63 QP=26.71 NAL=0 Slice:B Poc:122 I:8    P:538  SKIP:791  size=2597 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame=  64 QP=26.07 NAL=0 Slice:B Poc:126 I:6    P:857  SKIP:480  size=4456 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame=  65 QP=24.44 NAL=2 Slice:P Poc:136 I:100  P:1222 SKIP:28   size=10837 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame=  66 QP=25.58 NAL=2 Slice:B Poc:132 I:10   P:1092 SKIP:221  size=6927 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame=  67 QP=26.26 NAL=0 Slice:B Poc:130 I:2    P:724  SKIP:602  size=2974 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame=  68 QP=26.66 NAL=0 Slice:B Poc:134 I:1    P:898  SKIP:439  size=4295 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame=  69 QP=24.44 NAL=2 Slice:P Poc:144 I:67   P:1238 SKIP:45   size=10282 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame=  70 QP=25.71 NAL=2 Slice:B Poc:140 I:6    P:940  SKIP:373  size=5949 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame=  71 QP=26.27 NAL=0 Slice:B Poc:138 I:2    P:629  SKIP:710  size=2992 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame=  72 QP=26.12 NAL=0 Slice:B Poc:142 I:2    P:697  SKIP:641  size=3335 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame=  73 QP=24.93 NAL=2 Slice:P Poc:152 I:133  P:1169 SKIP:48   size=10188 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame=  74 QP=25.85 NAL=2 Slice:B Poc:148 I:19   P:1132 SKIP:183  size=6912 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame=  75 QP=26.36 NAL=0 Slice:B Poc:146 I:6    P:764  SKIP:579  size=3519 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame=  76 QP=25.88 NAL=0 Slice:B Poc:150 I:0    P:662  SKIP:681  size=2589 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame=  77 QP=24.96 NAL=2 Slice:P Poc:160 I:50   P:1281 SKIP:19   size=10007 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame=  78 QP=25.45 NAL=2 Slice:B Poc:156 I:25   P:1001 SKIP:297  size=6732 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame=  79 QP=26.33 NAL=0 Slice:B Poc:154 I:7    P:896  SKIP:424  size=4618 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame=  80 QP=26.18 NAL=0 Slice:B Poc:158 I:0    P:704  SKIP:632  size=3014 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame=  81 QP=24.99 NAL=2 Slice:P Poc:168 I:58   P:1281 SKIP:11   size=10142 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame=  82 QP=24.99 NAL=2 Slice:B Poc:164 I:29   P:860  SKIP:442  size=6054 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame=  83 QP=26.39 NAL=0 Slice:B Poc:162 I:5    P:981  SKIP:343  size=4911 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame=  84 QP=26.26 NAL=0 Slice:B Poc:166 I:1    P:722  SKIP:624  size=3414 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame=  85 QP=24.89 NAL=2 Slice:P Poc:176 I:143  P:1201 SKIP:6    size=11223 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame=  86 QP=25.23 NAL=2 Slice:B Poc:172 I:44   P:1060 SKIP:204  size=7696 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame=  87 QP=26.52 NAL=0 Slice:B Poc:170 I:7    P:598  SKIP:713  size=3246 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame=  88 QP=26.51 NAL=0 Slice:B Poc:174 I:6    P:820  SKIP:519  size=4060 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame=  89 QP=24.75 NAL=2 Slice:P Poc:184 I:108  P:1212 SKIP:30   size=10938 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame=  90 QP=25.44 NAL=2 Slice:B Poc:180 I:110  P:1130 SKIP:95   size=9286 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame=  91 QP=26.07 NAL=0 Slice:B Poc:178 I:28   P:377  SKIP:929  size=2105 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame=  92 QP=26.29 NAL=0 Slice:B Poc:182 I:23   P:886  SKIP:430  size=5139 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame=  93 QP=24.33 NAL=2 Slice:P Poc:192 I:116  P:1213 SKIP:21   size=11214 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame=  94 QP=25.52 NAL=2 Slice:B Poc:188 I:18   P:1093 SKIP:221  size=7292 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame=  95 QP=26.34 NAL=0 Slice:B Poc:186 I:5    P:735  SKIP:604  size=3006 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame=  96 QP=26.21 NAL=0 Slice:B Poc:190 I:4    P:756  SKIP:576  size=3714 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame=  97 QP=24.35 NAL=2 Slice:P Poc:200 I:107  P:1208 SKIP:35   size=10115 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame=  98 QP=25.51 NAL=2 Slice:B Poc:196 I:6    P:890  SKIP:433  size=5040 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame=  99 QP=26.28 NAL=0 Slice:B Poc:194 I:2    P:742  SKIP:602  size=3314 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame= 100 QP=26.07 NAL=0 Slice:B Poc:198 I:4    P:763  SKIP:573  size=3625 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame= 101 QP=24.74 NAL=2 Slice:P Poc:208 I:86   P:1210 SKIP:54   size=8976 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame= 102 QP=25.71 NAL=2 Slice:B Poc:204 I:10   P:1007 SKIP:313  size=5699 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame= 103 QP=25.86 NAL=0 Slice:B Poc:202 I:1    P:749  SKIP:599  size=3129 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame= 104 QP=25.51 NAL=0 Slice:B Poc:206 I:2    P:481  SKIP:866  size=1802 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame= 105 QP=24.80 NAL=2 Slice:P Poc:216 I:93   P:1235 SKIP:22   size=10066 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame= 106 QP=25.60 NAL=2 Slice:B Poc:212 I:23   P:1057 SKIP:225  size=6961 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame= 107 QP=26.42 NAL=0 Slice:B Poc:210 I:7    P:889  SKIP:420  size=4657 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame= 108 QP=26.15 NAL=0 Slice:B Poc:214 I:2    P:598  SKIP:742  size=2354 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame= 109 QP=24.72 NAL=2 Slice:P Poc:224 I:105  P:1213 SKIP:32   size=9869 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame= 110 QP=25.21 NAL=2 Slice:B Poc:220 I:107  P:942  SKIP:259  size=7608 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame= 111 QP=26.30 NAL=0 Slice:B Poc:218 I:14   P:785  SKIP:538  size=3861 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame= 112 QP=26.41 NAL=0 Slice:B Poc:222 I:7    P:726  SKIP:612  size=3520 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame= 113 QP=24.75 NAL=2 Slice:P Poc:232 I:31   P:1269 SKIP:50   size=9374 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame= 114 QP=25.45 NAL=2 Slice:B Poc:228 I:133  P:875  SKIP:312  size=7308 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame= 115 QP=26.23 NAL=0 Slice:B Poc:226 I:6    P:894  SKIP:432  size=4974 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame= 116 QP=26.22 NAL=0 Slice:B Poc:230 I:8    P:905  SKIP:429  size=4626 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame= 117 QP=24.57 NAL=2 Slice:P Poc:240 I:86   P:1246 SKIP:18   size=9906 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame= 118 QP=25.32 NAL=2 Slice:B Poc:236 I:75   P:1024 SKIP:217  size=8277 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame= 119 QP=26.06 NAL=0 Slice:B Poc:234 I:22   P:501  SKIP:821  size=2397 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame= 120 QP=26.25 NAL=0 Slice:B Poc:238 I:8    P:899  SKIP:417  size=4776 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame= 121 QP=24.49 NAL=2 Slice:P Poc:248 I:146  P:1172 SKIP:32   size=10606 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame= 122 QP=25.53 NAL=2 Slice:B Poc:244 I:11   P:993  SKIP:328  size=6120 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame= 123 QP=25.86 NAL=0 Slice:B Poc:242 I:3    P:534  SKIP:809  size=2056 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame= 124 QP=26.12 NAL=0 Slice:B Poc:246 I:4    P:715  SKIP:625  size=3455 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame= 125 QP=24.26 NAL=2 Slice:P Poc:256 I:72   P:1231 SKIP:47   size=9689 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame= 126 QP=25.50 NAL=2 Slice:B Poc:252 I:14   P:1071 SKIP:241  size=6615 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame= 127 QP=25.95 NAL=0 Slice:B Poc:250 I:3    P:636  SKIP:677  size=2789 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame= 128 QP=25.86 NAL=0 Slice:B Poc:254 I:3    P:799  SKIP:539  size=3731 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame= 129 QP=24.39 NAL=2 Slice:P Poc:264 I:83   P:1245 SKIP:22   size=9898 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame= 130 QP=25.63 NAL=2 Slice:B Poc:260 I:6    P:1033 SKIP:295  size=6343 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame= 131 QP=26.14 NAL=0 Slice:B Poc:258 I:3    P:664  SKIP:683  size=3003 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame= 132 QP=26.54 NAL=0 Slice:B Poc:262 I:1    P:749  SKIP:589  size=3286 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame= 133 QP=24.77 NAL=2 Slice:P Poc:272 I:70   P:1264 SKIP:16   size=10195 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame= 134 QP=25.54 NAL=2 Slice:B Poc:268 I:6    P:983  SKIP:348  size=5752 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame= 135 QP=26.08 NAL=0 Slice:B Poc:266 I:2    P:750  SKIP:597  size=3060 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame= 136 QP=26.15 NAL=0 Slice:B Poc:270 I:0    P:610  SKIP:735  size=2159 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame= 137 QP=24.89 NAL=2 Slice:P Poc:280 I:68   P:1256 SKIP:26   size=9225 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame= 138 QP=25.53 NAL=2 Slice:B Poc:276 I:179  P:907  SKIP:225  size=7752 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame= 139 QP=25.78 NAL=0 Slice:B Poc:274 I:9    P:778  SKIP:545  size=4122 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame= 140 QP=26.26 NAL=0 Slice:B Poc:278 I:6    P:840  SKIP:496  size=3829 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame= 141 QP=24.61 NAL=2 Slice:P Poc:288 I:101  P:1224 SKIP:25   size=10402 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame= 142 QP=24.95 NAL=2 Slice:B Poc:284 I:31   P:1013 SKIP:272  size=6990 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame= 143 QP=26.11 NAL=0 Slice:B Poc:282 I:3    P:695  SKIP:647  size=3212 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame= 144 QP=26.17 NAL=0 Slice:B Poc:286 I:2    P:748  SKIP:597  size=3323 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame= 145 QP=24.76 NAL=2 Slice:P Poc:296 I:113  P:1217 SKIP:20   size=10081 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame= 146 QP=25.07 NAL=2 Slice:B Poc:292 I:52   P:1010 SKIP:224  size=7853 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame= 147 QP=26.24 NAL=0 Slice:B Poc:290 I:4    P:694  SKIP:647  size=2710 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame= 148 QP=26.42 NAL=0 Slice:B Poc:294 I:13   P:757  SKIP:571  size=3823 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame= 149 QP=24.48 NAL=2 Slice:P Poc:304 I:113  P:1221 SKIP:16   size=9781 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame= 150 QP=25.35 NAL=2 Slice:B Poc:300 I:34   P:1079 SKIP:206  size=7517 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame= 151 QP=25.79 NAL=0 Slice:B Poc:298 I:10   P:694  SKIP:635  size=2843 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame= 152 QP=26.16 NAL=0 Slice:B Poc:302 I:3    P:761  SKIP:578  size=3580 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame= 153 QP=24.19 NAL=2 Slice:P Poc:312 I:99   P:1217 SKIP:34   size=10191 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame= 154 QP=25.45 NAL=2 Slice:B Poc:308 I:15   P:1032 SKIP:260  size=6699 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame= 155 QP=25.69 NAL=0 Slice:B Poc:306 I:6    P:595  SKIP:730  size=2601 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame= 156 QP=26.24 NAL=0 Slice:B Poc:310 I:6    P:836  SKIP:494  size=4049 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame= 157 QP=24.43 NAL=2 Slice:P Poc:320 I:83   P:1236 SKIP:31   size=9259 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame= 158 QP=25.43 NAL=2 Slice:B Poc:316 I:12   P:958  SKIP:353  size=5932 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame= 159 QP=25.86 NAL=0 Slice:B Poc:314 I:3    P:744  SKIP:602  size=3439 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame= 160 QP=26.16 NAL=0 Slice:B Poc:318 I:3    P:588  SKIP:755  size=2370 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame= 161 QP=24.76 NAL=2 Slice:P Poc:328 I:74   P:1235 SKIP:41   size=9866 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame= 162 QP=25.79 NAL=2 Slice:B Poc:324 I:44   P:1141 SKIP:133  size=8242 bytes
[out_0_0 @ 0000022ff4c92500] EOF on sink link out_0_0:default.
[out_0_1 @ 0000022ff5297e40] EOF on sink link out_0_1:default.
No more output streams to write to, finishing.
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame= 163 QP=26.05 NAL=0 Slice:B Poc:322 I:3    P:714  SKIP:632  size=3207 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame= 164 QP=25.84 NAL=0 Slice:B Poc:326 I:1    P:555  SKIP:788  size=2305 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame= 165 QP=24.69 NAL=2 Slice:P Poc:336 I:71   P:1242 SKIP:37   size=9759 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame= 166 QP=25.61 NAL=2 Slice:B Poc:332 I:15   P:1033 SKIP:257  size=6589 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame= 167 QP=26.56 NAL=0 Slice:B Poc:330 I:3    P:819  SKIP:503  size=4194 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame= 168 QP=25.53 NAL=0 Slice:B Poc:334 I:2    P:502  SKIP:842  size=1967 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame= 169 QP=24.78 NAL=2 Slice:P Poc:344 I:74   P:1246 SKIP:30   size=9668 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame= 170 QP=24.82 NAL=2 Slice:B Poc:340 I:35   P:875  SKIP:409  size=6055 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame= 171 QP=26.33 NAL=0 Slice:B Poc:338 I:3    P:840  SKIP:495  size=3825 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame= 172 QP=26.34 NAL=0 Slice:B Poc:342 I:5    P:710  SKIP:632  size=3317 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame= 173 QP=24.55 NAL=2 Slice:P Poc:352 I:71   P:1244 SKIP:35   size=10112 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame= 174 QP=24.91 NAL=2 Slice:B Poc:348 I:24   P:1045 SKIP:244  size=7054 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame= 175 QP=26.19 NAL=0 Slice:B Poc:346 I:2    P:791  SKIP:540  size=3822 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame= 176 QP=26.06 NAL=0 Slice:B Poc:350 I:2    P:698  SKIP:648  size=2848 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame= 177 QP=24.79 NAL=2 Slice:P Poc:360 I:45   P:1282 SKIP:23   size=9599 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame= 178 QP=25.40 NAL=2 Slice:B Poc:356 I:27   P:997  SKIP:308  size=6463 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame= 179 QP=25.97 NAL=0 Slice:B Poc:354 I:1    P:595  SKIP:744  size=2410 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame= 180 QP=26.55 NAL=0 Slice:B Poc:358 I:12   P:834  SKIP:490  size=4453 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame= 181 QP=24.41 NAL=2 Slice:P Poc:368 I:159  P:1140 SKIP:51   size=10118 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame= 182 QP=25.49 NAL=2 Slice:B Poc:364 I:6    P:1008 SKIP:294  size=6173 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame= 183 QP=25.71 NAL=0 Slice:B Poc:362 I:3    P:660  SKIP:682  size=2518 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame= 184 QP=25.77 NAL=0 Slice:B Poc:366 I:8    P:761  SKIP:569  size=3886 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame= 185 QP=24.25 NAL=2 Slice:P Poc:376 I:199  P:1110 SKIP:41   size=10569 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame= 186 QP=25.84 NAL=2 Slice:B Poc:372 I:7    P:953  SKIP:363  size=5093 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame= 187 QP=26.29 NAL=0 Slice:B Poc:370 I:6    P:808  SKIP:531  size=3674 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame= 188 QP=26.15 NAL=0 Slice:B Poc:374 I:4    P:815  SKIP:523  size=3803 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame= 189 QP=24.31 NAL=2 Slice:P Poc:384 I:129  P:1171 SKIP:50   size=9900 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame= 190 QP=25.54 NAL=2 Slice:B Poc:380 I:10   P:943  SKIP:388  size=5410 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame= 191 QP=25.93 NAL=0 Slice:B Poc:378 I:11   P:699  SKIP:638  size=3368 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame= 192 QP=26.06 NAL=0 Slice:B Poc:382 I:15   P:743  SKIP:571  size=3635 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame= 193 QP=24.83 NAL=2 Slice:P Poc:392 I:67   P:1231 SKIP:52   size=9130 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame= 194 QP=25.67 NAL=2 Slice:B Poc:388 I:15   P:1144 SKIP:167  size=7409 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame= 195 QP=26.03 NAL=0 Slice:B Poc:386 I:2    P:685  SKIP:657  size=2942 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame= 196 QP=25.71 NAL=0 Slice:B Poc:390 I:34   P:384  SKIP:922  size=2146 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame= 197 QP=24.67 NAL=2 Slice:P Poc:400 I:85   P:1219 SKIP:46   size=9752 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame= 198 QP=25.05 NAL=2 Slice:B Poc:396 I:24   P:965  SKIP:332  size=6034 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame= 199 QP=26.39 NAL=0 Slice:B Poc:394 I:5    P:842  SKIP:486  size=3808 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame= 200 QP=26.08 NAL=0 Slice:B Poc:398 I:6    P:707  SKIP:630  size=2931 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame= 201 QP=24.81 NAL=2 Slice:P Poc:408 I:35   P:1265 SKIP:50   size=8646 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame= 202 QP=24.79 NAL=2 Slice:B Poc:404 I:23   P:915  SKIP:388  size=6135 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame= 203 QP=26.40 NAL=0 Slice:B Poc:402 I:4    P:713  SKIP:619  size=3329 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame= 204 QP=25.72 NAL=0 Slice:B Poc:406 I:7    P:724  SKIP:612  size=3294 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame= 205 QP=25.06 NAL=2 Slice:P Poc:416 I:76   P:1250 SKIP:24   size=9305 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame= 206 QP=24.67 NAL=2 Slice:B Poc:412 I:20   P:858  SKIP:457  size=5328 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame= 207 QP=25.71 NAL=0 Slice:B Poc:410 I:11   P:700  SKIP:637  size=3265 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame= 208 QP=25.84 NAL=0 Slice:B Poc:414 I:6    P:703  SKIP:638  size=3159 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame= 209 QP=24.96 NAL=2 Slice:P Poc:424 I:135  P:1182 SKIP:33   size=9565 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame= 210 QP=25.09 NAL=2 Slice:B Poc:420 I:35   P:915  SKIP:363  size=6277 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame= 211 QP=25.89 NAL=0 Slice:B Poc:418 I:11   P:574  SKIP:760  size=2174 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame= 212 QP=26.20 NAL=0 Slice:B Poc:422 I:18   P:863  SKIP:445  size=4748 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame= 213 QP=25.27 NAL=2 Slice:P Poc:432 I:125  P:1177 SKIP:48   size=8213 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame= 214 QP=25.22 NAL=2 Slice:B Poc:428 I:27   P:1016 SKIP:270  size=6282 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame= 215 QP=25.48 NAL=0 Slice:B Poc:426 I:7    P:558  SKIP:779  size=2101 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame= 216 QP=26.16 NAL=0 Slice:B Poc:430 I:8    P:823  SKIP:512  size=3494 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame= 217 QP=26.62 NAL=2 Slice:P Poc:436 I:94   P:1205 SKIP:51   size=7478 bytes
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame= 218 QP=26.49 NAL=0 Slice:B Poc:434 I:11   P:803  SKIP:532  size=3757 bytes
[aac @ 0000022ff4c95540] Trying to remove 385 more samples than there are in the queue
frame=  219 fps= 68 q=-1.0 Lsize=    1418kB time=00:00:07.32 bitrate=1585.6kbits/s speed=2.29x
video:1297kB audio:115kB subtitle:0kB other streams:0kB global headers:0kB muxing overhead: 0.480945%
Input file #0 (dvvideo-decode-wrong-res-and-fps.avi):
  Input stream #0:0 (video): 219 packets read (26280000 bytes); 219 frames decoded;
  Input stream #0:1 (audio): 219 packets read (936444 bytes); 219 frames decoded (234111 samples);
  Input stream #0:2 (audio): 219 packets read (936444 bytes);
  Total: 657 packets (28152888 bytes) demuxed
Output file #0 (dvvideo-decode-wrong-res-and-fps.mp4):
  Output stream #0:0 (video): 219 frames encoded; 219 packets muxed (1327740 bytes);
  Output stream #0:1 (audio): 229 frames encoded (234111 samples); 230 packets muxed (117748 bytes);
  Total: 449 packets (1445488 bytes) muxed
438 frames successfully decoded, 0 decoding errors
[AVIOContext @ 0000022ff4c96f80] Statistics: 2 seeks, 9 writeouts
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame I:1     Avg QP:24.66  size: 15653
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame P:55    Avg QP:24.73  size: 10196
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] frame B:163   Avg QP:25.96  size:  4605
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] consecutive B-frames:  0.5%  0.9%  0.0% 98.6%
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] mb I  I16..4: 20.4% 74.2%  5.4%
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] mb P  I16..4:  2.6%  6.1%  0.2%  P16..4: 59.9% 20.2%  8.8%  0.0%  0.0%    skip: 2.3%
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] mb B  I16..4:  0.2%  1.1%  0.0%  B16..8: 38.0%  5.1%  0.7%  direct:18.0%  skip:36.8%  L0:51.2% L1:43.1% BI: 5.7%
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] 8x8 transform intra:72.8% inter:81.7%
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] coded y,uvDC,uvAC intra: 60.1% 96.0% 26.8% inter: 33.6% 66.0% 0.8%
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] i16 v,h,dc,p: 30% 50% 11%  9%
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] i8 v,h,dc,ddl,ddr,vr,hd,vl,hu:  9% 20% 40%  4%  3%  2%  4%  3% 15%
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] i4 v,h,dc,ddl,ddr,vr,hd,vl,hu: 27% 35% 24%  2%  2%  2%  3%  2%  4%
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] i8c dc,h,v,p: 46% 42% 10%  3%
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] Weighted P-Frames: Y:52.7% UV:38.2%
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] ref P L0: 39.1% 13.0% 21.4% 17.9%  8.6%
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] ref B L0: 65.7% 21.5% 12.8%
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] ref B L1: 92.0%  8.0%
[libx264 @ 0000022ff4c93800] kb/s:1452.86
[aac @ 0000022ff4c95540] Qavg: 164.123
[AVIOContext @ 0000022ff4c98f40] Statistics: 31718196 bytes read, 2 seeks


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dvvideo-decode-wrong-res-and-fps_cut.avi (2.4 MB ) - added by Carl Eugen Hoyos 3 years ago.

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comment:1 by Mark, 3 years ago

Cc: added

I uploaded the sample video to:

( seems to be down currently and attachments are restricted to 2,5MB)

An example how it looks like in ffmpeg/VLC:

An example how it looks like in Windows Media Player:

Last edited 3 years ago by Mark (previous) (diff)

comment:2 by Carl Eugen Hoyos, 3 years ago

Keywords: dvvideo added; dv removed
Reproduced by developer: set
Status: newopen

Not a regression afaict, the following shows the intended output.

diff --git a/libavcodec/dv_profile.c b/libavcodec/dv_profile.c
index 66505c886b..4d08493bf8 100644
--- a/libavcodec/dv_profile.c
+++ b/libavcodec/dv_profile.c
@@ -72,23 +72,6 @@ static const uint8_t block_sizes_dv100[8] = {
 static const AVDVProfile dv_profiles[] = {
     { .dsf                = 0,
-      .video_stype        = 0x0,
-      .frame_size         = 120000, /* IEC 61834, SMPTE-314M - 525/60 (NTSC) */
-      .difseg_size        = 10,
-      .n_difchan          = 1,
-      .time_base          = { 1001, 30000 },
-      .ltc_divisor        = 30,
-      .height             = 480,
-      .width              = 720,
-      .sar                = { { 8, 9 }, { 32, 27 } },
-      .pix_fmt            = AV_PIX_FMT_YUV411P,
-      .bpm                = 6,
-      .block_sizes        = block_sizes_dv2550,
-      .audio_stride       = 90,
-      .audio_min_samples  = { 1580, 1452, 1053 }, /* for 48, 44.1 and 32kHz */
-      .audio_samples_dist = { 1600, 1602, 1602, 1602, 1602 },  /* per SMPTE-314M */
-      .audio_shuffle      = dv_audio_shuffle525, },
-    { .dsf                = 1,
       .video_stype        = 0x0,
       .frame_size         = 144000, /* IEC 61834 - 625/50 (PAL) */
       .difseg_size        = 12,

by Carl Eugen Hoyos, 3 years ago

comment:3 by Mark, 3 years ago

Wow, what a fast response time! :D

comment:4 by Balling, 3 years ago

Hey, you can just ffplay and ffplay uses wrong aspect ratio. It is very broken))

Last edited 3 years ago by Balling (previous) (diff)

comment:5 by Mark, 3 years ago

@Balling: This seems to be a different issue - CDVHsample.avi has just wrong aspect ratio - maybe an issue in the video itself ... but the result is not corrupt.

See my example pictures in my last comment.

comment:6 by Balling, 3 years ago

But it plays normal in media player classic and potplayer. VLC and ffplay play it wrong, yes.

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comment:8 by Balling, 15 months ago

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