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#7013 closed defect (fixed)

Floating point exception on adpcm_ms remuxing

Reported by: Carl Eugen Hoyos Owned by:
Priority: important Component: avformat
Version: git-master Keywords: mov crash fpe regression
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Blocking: Reproduced by developer: no
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Reported by forum user neebah

FFmpeg crashes when remuxing adpcm_ms since d4e0130e4655cafa2123062330f5db1aeade1ef2

$ ffmpeg -f lavfi -i sine=d=1 -acodec adpcm_ms out.avi
(gdb) r -i out.avi -acodec copy
Starting program: ffmpeg_g -i out.avi -acodec copy
[Thread debugging using libthread_db enabled]
Using host libthread_db library "/lib64/".
ffmpeg version N-89982-g81d6501 Copyright (c) 2000-2018 the FFmpeg developers
  built with gcc 4.7 (SUSE Linux)
  configuration: --enable-gpl
  libavutil      56.  7.100 / 56.  7.100
  libavcodec     58. 10.100 / 58. 10.100
  libavformat    58.  9.100 / 58.  9.100
  libavdevice    58.  1.100 / 58.  1.100
  libavfilter     7. 11.101 /  7. 11.101
  libswscale      5.  0.101 /  5.  0.101
  libswresample   3.  0.101 /  3.  0.101
  libpostproc    55.  0.100 / 55.  0.100
[avi @ 0x2088400] Estimating duration from bitrate, this may be inaccurate
Guessed Channel Layout for Input Stream #0.0 : mono
Input #0, avi, from 'out.avi':
    encoder         : Lavf58.7.100
  Duration: 00:00:01.47, start: 0.000000, bitrate: 159 kb/s
    Stream #0:0: Audio: adpcm_ms ([2][0][0][0] / 0x0002), 44100 Hz, mono, s16, 176 kb/s
[mov @ 0x208b6c0] Using MS style audio codec tag, the file may be unplayable!
Output #0, mov, to '':
    encoder         : Lavf58.9.100
    Stream #0:0: Audio: adpcm_ms ([2][0][0][0] / 0x0002), 44100 Hz, mono, s16, 176 kb/s
Stream mapping:
  Stream #0:0 -> #0:0 (copy)
Press [q] to stop, [?] for help

Program received signal SIGFPE, Arithmetic exception.
0x00000000006c247b in mov_write_stsz_tag (pb=0x208dd80, track=<optimized out>) at libavformat/movenc.c:178
178             tst = track->cluster[i].size / track->cluster[i].entries;
(gdb) bt
#0  0x00000000006c247b in mov_write_stsz_tag (pb=0x208dd80, track=<optimized out>) at libavformat/movenc.c:178
#1  mov_write_stbl_tag (track=<optimized out>, mov=0x208bd40, pb=0x208dd80, s=0x208b6c0) at libavformat/movenc.c:2398
#2  mov_write_minf_tag (track=<optimized out>, mov=0x208bd40, pb=0x208dd80, s=0x208b6c0) at libavformat/movenc.c:2642
#3  mov_write_mdia_tag (track=<optimized out>, mov=0x208bd40, pb=0x208dd80, s=0x208b6c0) at libavformat/movenc.c:2696
#4  mov_write_trak_tag (st=0x208c5c0, track=<optimized out>, mov=0x208bd40, pb=0x208dd80, s=0x208b6c0) at libavformat/movenc.c:3072
#5  mov_write_moov_tag (pb=<optimized out>, mov=0x208bd40, s=0x208b6c0) at libavformat/movenc.c:3869
#6  0x00000000006c7c2d in mov_write_trailer (s=0x208b6c0) at libavformat/movenc.c:6533
#7  0x00000000006e3e84 in av_write_trailer (s=s@entry=0x208b6c0) at libavformat/mux.c:1276
#8  0x00000000004a7015 in transcode () at fftools/ffmpeg.c:4674
#9  0x00000000004856e2 in main (argc=<optimized out>, argv=0x7fffffffdd38) at fftools/ffmpeg.c:4843
(gdb) disass $pc-32,$pc+32
Dump of assembler code from 0x6c245b to 0x6c249b:
   0x00000000006c245b <mov_write_moov_tag+3675>:        jge    0x6c2479 <mov_write_moov_tag+3705>
   0x00000000006c245d <mov_write_moov_tag+3677>:        mov    %rbp,%rcx
   0x00000000006c2460 <mov_write_moov_tag+3680>:        lea    0x28(%rbp,%rdx,8),%r10
   0x00000000006c2465 <mov_write_moov_tag+3685>:        jmp    0x6c2479 <mov_write_moov_tag+3705>
   0x00000000006c2467 <mov_write_moov_tag+3687>:        nopw   0x0(%rax,%rax,1)
   0x00000000006c2470 <mov_write_moov_tag+3696>:        mov    0x10(%rcx),%eax
   0x00000000006c2473 <mov_write_moov_tag+3699>:        mov    0x1c(%rcx),%edi
   0x00000000006c2476 <mov_write_moov_tag+3702>:        mov    %r12d,%r8d
   0x00000000006c2479 <mov_write_moov_tag+3705>:        xor    %edx,%edx
=> 0x00000000006c247b <mov_write_moov_tag+3707>:        div    %edi
   0x00000000006c247d <mov_write_moov_tag+3709>:        cmp    %r8d,%eax
   0x00000000006c2480 <mov_write_moov_tag+3712>:        mov    %eax,%r12d
   0x00000000006c2483 <mov_write_moov_tag+3715>:        je     0x6c248d <mov_write_moov_tag+3725>
   0x00000000006c2485 <mov_write_moov_tag+3717>:        cmp    $0xffffffff,%r8d
   0x00000000006c2489 <mov_write_moov_tag+3721>:        cmovne %r11d,%r9d
   0x00000000006c248d <mov_write_moov_tag+3725>:        add    $0x28,%rcx
   0x00000000006c2491 <mov_write_moov_tag+3729>:        add    %edi,%esi
   0x00000000006c2493 <mov_write_moov_tag+3731>:        cmp    %r10,%rcx
   0x00000000006c2496 <mov_write_moov_tag+3734>:        jne    0x6c2470 <mov_write_moov_tag+3696>
   0x00000000006c2498 <mov_write_moov_tag+3736>:        test   %r9d,%r9d
End of assembler dump.
(gdb) info register
rax            0x200    512
rbx            0x208e580        34137472
rcx            0x2099220        34181664
rdx            0x0      0
rsi            0x0      0
rdi            0x0      0
rbp            0x2099220        0x2099220
rsp            0x7fffffffd410   0x7fffffffd410
r8             0xffffffff       4294967295
r9             0x1      1
r10            0x2099900        34183424
r11            0x0      0
r12            0x1      1
r13            0x5aaf   23215
r14            0x5acb   23243
r15            0x208dd80        34135424
rip            0x6c247b 0x6c247b <mov_write_moov_tag+3707>
eflags         0x10246  [ PF ZF IF RF ]
cs             0x33     51
ss             0x2b     43
ds             0x0      0
es             0x0      0
fs             0x0      0
gs             0x0      0

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