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#6840 closed defect (wontfix)

An existing file AppKit/AppKit.h in the include path breaks compilation

Reported by: cehoyos Owned by:
Priority: important Component: build system
Version: 3.4 Keywords: regression gentoo
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Blocking: Reproduced by developer: no
Analyzed by developer: no


$ ls -l /usr/local/include/AppKit/
total 0
-rw-r--r-- 1 cehoyos users 0 Nov 17 14:17 AppKit.h
$ configure --disable-everything && make libavdevice/alldevices.o
install prefix            /usr/local
source path               .
C compiler                gcc
C library                 glibc
ARCH                      x86 (generic)
big-endian                no
runtime cpu detection     yes
standalone assembly       yes
x86 assembler             nasm
MMX enabled               yes
MMXEXT enabled            yes
3DNow! enabled            yes
3DNow! extended enabled   yes
SSE enabled               yes
SSSE3 enabled             yes
AESNI enabled             yes
AVX enabled               yes
AVX2 enabled              yes
XOP enabled               yes
FMA3 enabled              yes
FMA4 enabled              yes
i686 features enabled     yes
CMOV is fast              yes
EBX available             yes
EBP available             yes
debug symbols             yes
strip symbols             yes
optimize for size         no
optimizations             yes
static                    yes
shared                    no
postprocessing support    no
network support           yes
threading support         no
safe bitstream reader     yes
texi2html enabled         yes
perl enabled              yes
pod2man enabled           yes
makeinfo enabled          yes
makeinfo supports HTML    no

External libraries:
appkit                        xlib

External libraries providing hardware acceleration:
vdpau                         xvmc

avcodec                       avfilter                      avutil                        swscale
avdevice                      avformat                      swresample

ffmpeg                        ffprobe                       ffserver

Enabled decoders:

Enabled encoders:

Enabled hwaccels:

Enabled parsers:

Enabled demuxers:
asf                           mpegts                        rm                            rtsp

Enabled muxers:

Enabled protocols:
http                          rtp                           tcp                           udp

Enabled filters:
aformat                       atrim                         null                          trim
anull                         format

Enabled bsfs:

Enabled indevs:

Enabled outdevs:

License: LGPL version 2.1 or later
Creating configuration files ...
GEN     libavutil/libavutil.version
GEN     libswscale/libswscale.version
GEN     libswresample/libswresample.version
GEN     libavcodec/libavcodec.version
GEN     libavformat/libavformat.version
GEN     libavfilter/libavfilter.version
GEN     libavdevice/libavdevice.version
CC      libavdevice/alldevices.o
In file included from ./libavutil/internal.h:169:0,
                 from ./libavutil/common.h:467,
                 from ./libavutil/avutil.h:296,
                 from ./libavutil/log.h:25,
                 from libavdevice/avdevice.h:48,
                 from libavdevice/alldevices.c:23:
./libavutil/libm.h:54:32: error: static declaration of ‘cbrt’ follows non-static declaration
 static av_always_inline double cbrt(double x)
In file included from /usr/include/features.h:358:0,
                 from /usr/include/errno.h:29,
                 from ./libavutil/common.h:33,
                 from ./libavutil/avutil.h:296,
                 from ./libavutil/log.h:25,
                 from libavdevice/avdevice.h:48,
                 from libavdevice/alldevices.c:23:
/usr/include/bits/mathcalls.h:171:1: note: previous declaration of ‘cbrt’ was here
 __MATHCALL (cbrt,, (_Mdouble_ __x));

This was fixed in 6dfcbd80, needs backporting.

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