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#5746 open defect

LucasArts SANM/SMUSH video fails to decode

Reported by: Dan Loewenherz Owned by:
Priority: normal Component: avcodec
Version: git-master Keywords: sanm
Cc: Blocked By:
Blocking: Reproduced by developer: yes
Analyzed by developer: no


Summary of the bug:

Decoding a LucasArts SANM file fails with "Subcodec 48 is not implemented" and no output file is created.

How to reproduce:

% ffmpeg -i input.SAN output.mp4
[sanm @ 0x7fce49017000] If you want to help, upload a sample of this file to and contact the ffmpeg-devel mailing list. (
Error while decoding stream #0:0: Not yet implemented in FFmpeg, patches welcome
frame=    0 fps=0.0 q=0.0 Lsize=       0kB time=00:00:00.00 bitrate=N/A speed=   0x
video:0kB audio:0kB subtitle:0kB other streams:0kB global headers:0kB muxing overhead: unknown
Conversion failed!

View output.txt for full output.

% ffmpeg -version
ffmpeg version 3.1.1 Copyright (c) 2000-2016 the FFmpeg developers
built with Apple LLVM version 7.3.0 (clang-703.0.31)
configuration: --prefix=/usr/local/Cellar/ffmpeg/3.1.1 --enable-shared --enable-pthreads --enable-gpl --enable-version3 --enable-hardcoded-tables --enable-avresample --cc=clang --host-cflags= --host-ldflags= --enable-opencl --enable-libx264 --enable-libmp3lame --enable-libxvid --enable-libx265 --disable-lzma --enable-vda
libavutil      55. 28.100 / 55. 28.100
libavcodec     57. 48.101 / 57. 48.101
libavformat    57. 41.100 / 57. 41.100
libavdevice    57.  0.101 / 57.  0.101
libavfilter     6. 47.100 /  6. 47.100
libavresample   3.  0.  0 /  3.  0.  0
libswscale      4.  1.100 /  4.  1.100
libswresample   2.  1.100 /  2.  1.100
libpostproc    54.  0.100 / 54.  0.100

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by Dan Loewenherz, 6 years ago

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comment:1 by Dan Loewenherz, 6 years ago

I tried to access the anonymous FTP server to upload input.SAN but I can't connect ("Network is unreachable").

comment:2 by Dan Loewenherz, 6 years ago

Summary: LucasArts SANM/SMUSH videos fails to decodeLucasArts SANM/SMUSH video fails to decode

comment:3 by Carl Eugen Hoyos, 6 years ago

If the issue is reproducible with current FFmpeg git head please upload your sample to your preferred file hoster.

comment:4 by Dan Loewenherz, 6 years ago

Just checked, yep, reproducible with latest git head (906ee41).

Link to input file:

Password is "ffmpeg"

comment:5 by Carl Eugen Hoyos, 6 years ago

Keywords: sanm added; san removed
Reproduced by developer: set
Status: newopen
Version: unspecifiedgit-master

comment:6 by ami_stuff, 6 years ago

Cc: added

there seems to be an incomplete support for this here (didn't test it myself):

also here are more samples:

(uncheck "Download with Secured Download manager", so you won't get exe)

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