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#5345 closed defect (fixed)

resample.c has "&& 0" in one of its "if" checks, which disables code

Reported by: Daniel Holbert Owned by:
Priority: minor Component: avcodec
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Summary of the bug:
One of FFmpeg's source files, resample.c, has the following condition:

if (s->input_channels == s->output_channels && s->ratio == 1.0 && 0) {

The "&& 0" at the end there is almost certainly a typo -- it means the condition will always fail, and the code inside of the condition is dead code which will never be visited.

How to reproduce:
(1) Look at this line of source:

(2) Notice the "&& 0" at the end of its "if" condition, which disables it.

This bug causes clang 3.8 (maybe older versions as well) to spam this build warning, if you compile with this build warning enabled:

resample.c:296:9 [-Wunreachable-code] code will never be executed

According to github blame, this change was introduced by michaelni here in 2004:

The first piece of that patch was adding "&& 0" to this condition.

Not sure if that was an accident, or intentionally disabling this condition. If it was intentional, it'd probably be better to explicitly delete this code, or wrap it in "#if 0 ... #endif" so that it's more explicitly-disabled & so the compiler doesn't have to see it.

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comment:1 by Daniel Holbert, 6 years ago

(BTW: I noticed this bug by seeing this clang build warning go by in my Firefox Nightly compilation output. Firefox's mozilla-central repository has the FFvpx library imported into it.)

comment:2 by Carl Eugen Hoyos, 6 years ago

Why do you believe there is a typo?

comment:3 by Daniel Holbert, 6 years ago

Because it disables the condition and all of the code inside of it.

The code has this form right now:

if (condition && condition && 0) {

do stuff;


That entire block is dead code, because "&& 0" forces the "if" check to fail, no matter what.

The only explanation for it not being a typo is that the author intended to explicitly disable this check & the code inside it. That may be the case -- but if so, as I noted at the end of the bug report, this code should probably just be deleted (since it's been disabled since 2004) or disabled more explicitly using "#if 0" wrapper.

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comment:4 by Michael Niedermayer, 6 years ago

Resolution: fixed
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comment:5 by Daniel Holbert, 6 years ago


comment:6 by Carl Eugen Hoyos, 6 years ago

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