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ffprobe can't parse dash init.mp4

Reported by: Andrew Owned by:
Priority: normal Component: ffprobe
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ffprobe seems unable to parse the init.mp4's generated for dash files whereas mediainfo can.

ffprobe version N-65977-gd9e2ace Copyright (c) 2007-2014 the FFmpeg developers

built on Aug 30 2014 17:48:03 with Apple LLVM version 5.1 (clang-503.0.40) (based on LLVM 3.4svn)
configuration: --enable-libx264 --enable-libfdk_aac --enable-nonfree --enable-gpl --enable-ffplay --enable-libfreetype --enable-libx265
libavutil 54. 7.100 / 54. 7.100
libavcodec 56. 1.100 / 56. 1.100
libavformat 56. 3.100 / 56. 3.100
libavdevice 56. 0.100 / 56. 0.100
libavfilter 5. 0.103 / 5. 0.103
libswscale 3. 0.100 / 3. 0.100
libswresample 1. 1.100 / 1. 1.100
libpostproc 53. 0.100 / 53. 0.100

[mov,mp4,m4a,3gp,3g2,mj2 @ 0x7fa82c005200] Could not find codec parameters for stream 0 (Video: h264 (avc1 / 0x31637661), 512x288): unspecified pixel format
Consider increasing the value for the 'analyzeduration' and 'probesize' options End of file

Mediainfo output
Complete name :
Format : MPEG-4
Format profile : Base Media
Codec ID : isom
File size : 713 Bytes
Duration : 5mn 45s
Overall bit rate : 17 bps
Encoded date : UTC 1904-01-01 00:00:00
Tagged date : UTC 1904-01-01 00:00:00

ID : 1
Format : AVC
Format/Info : Advanced Video Codec
Format profile : Main@L2.1
Format settings, CABAC : Yes
Format settings, ReFrames : 3 frames
Codec ID : avc1
Codec ID/Info : Advanced Video Coding
Duration : 5mn 45s
Width : 512 pixels
Height : 288 pixels
Display aspect ratio : 16:9
Frame rate : 23.976 fps
Color space : YUV
Chroma subsampling : 4:2:0
Bit depth : 8 bits
Scan type : Progressive
Encoded date : UTC 1904-01-01 00:00:00
Tagged date : UTC 1904-01-01 00:00:00

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init.mp4 (713 bytes ) - added by Carl Eugen Hoyos 7 years ago.

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by Carl Eugen Hoyos, 7 years ago

Attachment: init.mp4 added

comment:1 by Benoit Fouet, 7 years ago

If the pixel format is no more considered as an error, we get the following:
Input #0, mov,mp4,m4a,3gp,3g2,mj2, from 'init.mp4':


major_brand : isom
minor_version : 1
compatible_brands: isomavc1mp42

Duration: N/A, bitrate: N/A

Stream #0:0(und): Video: h264 (avc1 / 0x31637661), 512x288, 24k tbr, 24k tbn, 24k tbc (default)

handler_name : Bento4 Video Handler

Is this what you're looking for?

comment:2 by Andrew, 7 years ago

That looks correct, thanks

comment:3 by Carl Eugen Hoyos, 7 years ago

What is the difference between the information shown in your original report and in comment:1?

comment:4 by Andrew, 7 years ago

Original report failed to provide file info and returned an error only:
[mov,mp4,m4a,3gp,3g2,mj2 @ 0x7fa82c005200] Could not find codec parameters for stream 0 (Video: h264 (avc1 / 0x31637661), 512x288): unspecified pixel format

Comment:1 shows the metadata correctly

I am assuming the change in comment one is as commented which is removing the check for pixel format in the mp4. I haven't checked the mp4 spec but as this is a valid DASH init.mp4 file I am assuming it is correct and as such that pixel format is not a required field in an mp4.

comment:5 by Carl Eugen Hoyos, 7 years ago

What part of the metadata for this file has any relevance?

comment:6 by Andrew, 7 years ago

Everything you see in the details under "mediainfo output" in the original ticket I would hope ffprobe could pick up.

As another alternative you can see the details returned by Bento tools on the same mp4 file:

mp4info --verbose init.mp4

major brand: isom
minor version: 1
compatible brand: isom
compatible brand: avc1
compatible brand: mp42


duration: 345465 ms
time scale: 1000
fragments: yes

Found 1 Tracks
Track 1:

id: 1
type: Video
duration: 345386 ms
language: und

sample count: 0
timescale: 24000
duration: 0 (media timescale units)
duration: 0 (ms)
bitrate (computed): 0.000 Kbps

display width: 512.000000
display height: 288.000000
Sample Description 0

Bytes: 00000000000000010000000000000000000000000000000002000120004800000048000000000000000100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000018ffff0000002e61766343014d4015ffe10017674d4015d9008025b01100000303e90000bb808f162e4801000468ebc3f2
Coding: avc1 (H.264)
Width: 512
Height: 288
Depth: 24
AVC Profile: 77 (Main)
AVC Profile Compat: 40
AVC Level: 21
AVC NALU Length Size: 4
AVC SPS: [674d4015d9008025b01100000303e90000bb808f162e48]
AVC PPS: [68ebc3f2]

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