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Showing objects tagged with 'libx265'

  • #3719 defect: Single frame cannot be encoded with -vcodec hevc (new)
  • #4284 defect: FFmpeg doesn't pass -x265-params to the x265 encoder correctly. (open)
  • #4285 defect: The "frame type" and the "q" are not being set in the -vstats_file ... (new)
  • #4762 enhancement: Temporal Layering in HEVC Encoding (open)
  • #4947 enhancement: libx264/265 encoder "parameter unknown" is a warning rather than an error (open)
  • #5959 enhancement: aspect ratio change not working with libx265 (works with libx264) (open)
  • #7037 enhancement: ffmpeg destroys HDR metadata when encoding (open)
  • #7881 defect: HEVC encoder crashes including OS on high performance environment (new)
  • #8677 enhancement: HEVC libx265 removes Closed caption (new)
  • #8768 enhancement: libx265 passlog/mbtree file reuse for lower resolutions 2-pass ... (new)
  • #9117 defect: libx265 sgefault error while encoding (new)
  • #9131 defect: libx265 Dolby Vision options (reopened)