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Showing objects tagged with 'hwaccel'

  • #6989 defect: Hwaccel cuvid fails with “Error creating a NVDEC decoder: 1” (open)
  • #7112 enhancement: FFmpeg should support hwaccel to handle device lost issue (new)
  • #7469 defect: "-hwaccel auto" fail in some case (new)
  • #7507 enhancement: hwupload: missing device platform (new)
  • #9771 defect: Small MAX_SLICES makes d3d11va (AVC) not bitperfect and causes ... (open)
  • #10340 defect: Input frame is not the in the configured hwframe context. (new)
  • #10642 enhancement: [hwaccel] AV1 hardware decoding for Apple M3 (new)
  • #10645 defect: Hardware accelerated Filter complex Memory leak (new)
  • #10669 defect: crop filter with exact=0 does not work correctly on ... (new)
  • HWAccelIntro Platform API Availability
  • Hardware/AMF 1 Introduction