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    8282'''Backup Mentor:''' TBC
     84== FFv1 P frame support ==
     86'''Description:''' FFv1 is one of the most efficient intra-only lossless video codecs. Your work will be to add support for P frames with motion compensation and motion estimation support (the existing motion estimation code in libavcodec can be reused here). Then fine-tune it until the best compression rate is achieved. This will make FFv1 competitive with existing I+P frame lossless codecs like lossless H.264.
     88'''Expected results:''' State of the art P frame support in the FFv1 encoder and decoder implementation.
     90'''Prerequisites:''' C coding skills, basic familiarity with git, solid understanding of video coding especially with motion compensation.
     92'''Qualification Task:''' Improve the compression of the existing FFV1 Intra frames, you can change any part of the algorithm but it must be practical, the more improvement you can achieve, the better
     94'''Mentor:''' Michael Niedermayer (''michaelni'' in #ffmpeg-devel on Freenode IRC,
     96'''Backup mentor:''' TBC
     98== Improve Selftest coverage ==
     100'''Description:''' FFmpeg contains many selftests, still more code is not tested than tested thus more such tests are needed
     101to ensure regressions and platform specific bugs are quickly detected. Examples of existing self tests can be seen under #ifdef TEST
     102in various files
     104'''Expected results:''' Significantly improve selftest code coverage
     106'''Prerequisites:''' Good C coding skills, basic familiarity with git
     108'''Qualification Task:'''  Improve selftest code coverage by at least 1% of two of the main libs (libavcodec, libavformat, libavdevice, libavfilter, libavutil, libswresample, libswscale) as listed at
     110'''Mentor:''' Michael Niedermayer (''michaelni'' in #ffmpeg-devel on Freenode IRC,
     112'''Backup Mentor:''' TBC