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    1 Page to be filled for this round of Outreachy
    2 please help fill this page, see and
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     4'''Note:''' Page to be filled for this round of Outreachy. Please help fill this page, see [[SponsoringPrograms/Outreachy/2016-05]] and [[SponsoringPrograms/GSoC/2015]].
     9= Introduction =
     11FFmpeg is the universal multimedia toolkit: a complete, cross-platform solution to record, convert, filter and stream audio and video. It is used by a number of media players (including VLC, MPlayer, and Totem through GStreamer), video distribution websites (including !YouTube and Vimeo), Internet browsers (including Google !Chrome/Chromium), and lots of other software projects in the multi-media field and beyond.
     13[ Outreachy] is a program that helps underrepresented people to get involved in free and open source software. Through the guidance of mentors, interns gain valuable experience interacting with and coding for open source projects like FFmpeg. Additionally, the project and its users benefit from code created from applicants who often continue contributing as developers.
     15This is our landing page for the current round of the program, which will formally start in May, 2016. Please also see our [[SponsoringPrograms/GSoC/2015| Google Summer of Code Page]] for ideas–most are all also eligible.
     18= Information for Applicants =
     20== Getting Started ==
     221. '''Get to know FFmpeg.''' If you are an applicant interested in contributing to FFmpeg, it is recommended to start by subscribing to the [ ffmpeg-devel] mailing-list, visiting our !FreeNode IRC channels (''#ffmpeg-devel'' and ''#ffmpeg'' although you will find most developers on the first one), and exploring both the codebase and the development workflow. Feel free to [#ContactingFFmpeg contact us] if you have any questions.
     242. '''Find a project.''' This page will eventually list mentored and un-mentored projects. Mentored projects are well-defined and mentor(s) have already volunteered. Un-mentored projects are additional ideas you may want to consider, but you will have to contact us to find a mentor. You can also propose your own project, if you can think of one that better fits your interest and skill level. If a project description is unclear or you have any questions, please get in touch with its mentor and/or send an email to the program admins at [].
     263. '''Contact us.''' If you decide on a project, get in touch with the community and let us know. If you want to work on a qualification task, let the respective mentor know so we can avoid duplicated efforts.
     284. '''Apply.''' Interns should apply by April 7 at the very latest. The "work" period begins May 25 and ends the same day in August. Take a look at [] for additional information.
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     32'''Note''': A friendly reminder that while the application to Outreachy is important for you and Outreachy, FFmpeg mentors will not base their decision solely on the Outreachy application. We will judge the applicant based on their abilities in coding, learning the tools, communication skills etc. So please do not worry about your application being perfect for us. Although it is very important to follow Outreachy's application rules so they can pay you.
     35== Qualification Tasks ==
     37In order to get accepted you normally have to complete a small qualification task. FFmpeg development can be quite challenging and the qualification task helps us figure out whether you are motivated enough and have the potential to deliver successfully.
     39Contact us for assistance on selecting a qualification task. You can also browse the [ FFmpeg Bug Tracker] for qualification task ideas. In general qualification tasks should include submitting a patch to the ffmpeg-devel mailing list which passes review and is accepted into the FFmpeg codebase. It will be common for such patches to need multiple iterations of submissions and reviews, so do not wait too long with the first submission!
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     44'''Note''': Assigned qualification tasks are being tracked [ here].
     47== Contacting FFmpeg ==
     49If you have questions or comments feel free to contact us via our mailing list, IRC channel, or e-mail one of the FFmpeg Outreachy admins:
     51* '''Mailing-list:''' [ ffmpeg-devel]
     52* '''IRC:''' ''#ffmpeg-devel'' on [ Freenode]
     53* '''FFmpeg Outreachy Admin:''' Kieran Kunhya  (''kierank'' in #ffmpeg-devel on Freenode IRC, kieran at kunhya dot com)
     54* '''FFmpeg Outreachy Backup Admins:''' Michael Niedermayer (''michaelni'' in #ffmpeg-devel on Freenode IRC, michael at niedermayer dot cc), Lou Logan (''llogan'' in #ffmpeg-devel on Freenode IRC, lou at lrcd dot com)