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add more ideas for the misc lavfi task


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    364364Some ideas for more filters:
    365     - a frequency filtering domain filter relying on the FFT utils in libavcodec
     365    - a frequency filtering domain filter relying on the FFT utils in libavcodec. For example something like this:
     366    - a filter computing image statistics: for each frame the filter should compute and expose as metadata information. For example such a filter could compute the moments (average, deviation, third and fourth moment)
     367    - a generic convolution filter (this may require a syntax for specifying a matrix, this could be the qualification task)
     368    - a filter to extract a palette of an image, or to replace the palette of an image with a custom one. The replacement should be done replacing each color with the most similar color. Preliminary work would consist into defining a format to specify a palette.
     369    - extend the showwaves filter to make it possible to set the color of each line. Ideally it should also be possible to map each channel to a different color.
    366370    - a controller filter which allows to send commands to other filters (e.g. to adjust volume, contrast, etc.), e.g. like the sendcmd filter but through an interactive GUI
    367371    - a lua scripting filter, which allows to implement filtering custom logic in lua