This page shows the results from the student projects that were part of GSoC 2021.


Guided filter

Description: Guided filter is a widely known tool that shows remarkable performance for image defogging and edge-preserving filtering. This project is aimed to implement the guided filter in FFmpeg.


  • Contributions of the GSoC period include guided filter( commit),
  • Fast guided filter( commit),
  • enhanced guided filter which shows better performance for denoising tasks( commit).

Future work: Further improve the performance of the guided filter in FFmpeg.

Mentor: Steven Liu (liuqi05 [at] kuaishou [dot] com), Jun Zhao (mypopy [at] gmail [dot] com)

Student: Xuewei Meng (xwmeng96 [at] gmail [dot] com)

H264/HEVC ARM64 10-bit assembly

Description: Modern codecs require handwritten SIMD assembly for good performance, much of this has been implemented for 8-bit depth in h264 and hevc but there are still missing for 10 (h264) and 10/12 (hevc).


  • lavc/aarch64: add pred functions for 10-bit ( commit),
  • lavc/aarch64: h264, add chroma loop filters for 10bit ( commit),
  • lavc/aarch64: move transpose_4x8H to neon.S ( commit).

Mentor: J. Dekker (Illya in #ffmpeg-devel on IRC, jdek [at] itanimul [dot] li

Student: Mikhail Nitenko (mnitenko [at] gmail [dot] com)

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