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This page shows the results from the student projects that were part of GSoC 2020.


Sample Project

A blog post discussing this project can be found at

Complete DNG support

A blog post discussing this project can be found at

Sample Project

Description: Sample Desc.

Results: Contributions of the GSoC period include:

  • Support of multiple DNN operations in FFmpeg, such as various padding methods ( commit), different kinds of activation functions ( commit) and the support of dilated convolution ( commit). These operations are needed for the implementation of derain filter and are also common operations for neural networks.
  • Implementation of RSECAN model for derain filter ( commit).
  • Implementation of dehaze filter ( commit).
  • Improvements and fixes of derain and dehaze filter. Commits: 1, 2, 3.
  • Scripts for model training, evaluation and generation for derain and dehaze filter are provided in the repository.

Future work: Evaluate more models for derain and dehaze. If their performance is better, they will be added to the derain filter in FFmpeg.

Mentor: Steven Liu (lq AT chinaffmpeg DOT org)

Student: Xuewei Meng (xwmeng96 AT gmail DOT com)