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    3434The qualification tasks are usually shown in the project description. Contact the respective mentor(s) for assistance on getting a related qualification task or if you want to propose your own. You can also browse the [ FFmpeg Bug Tracker] for qualification task ideas. In general qualification tasks should include submitting a patch to the [ ffmpeg-devel mailing list] which passes review and is accepted into the FFmpeg codebase. It will be common for such patches to need multiple iterations of submissions and reviews, so don't wait too long with the first submission! Note, please avoid picking a qualification task which another student is already working on, each student should work on a different qualification task.
     36== Development ==
     38If you are selected for a particular project then you are not only expected to present a working implementation but you should also submit your work for inclusion for the ffmpeg codebase. This should be done at least 2-3 weeks before the end of the second work period by sending patches to the ffmpeg-devel mailing list where the ffmpeg community and your mentor will review your work. You will likely be asked to make some changes and resend improved versions. If you feel that no consensus is reached about how something should be done then follow the advice of your mentor.
     40In order to create good quality patches make sure to read the [ Developer Documentation].
    3642== Contacting FFmpeg ==