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    209209'''Backup Mentor:'''
     212== Improve and Cleanup Swscale ==
     214'''Description:''' Swscale is the part of FFmpeg responsible for scaling pictures, fields, slices of videos and converting colorspace and pixelformats. The code has a long history and grew alot. It is in need of some cleanup, it has been improved significantly in GSoC 2015, but there is a large number of possibly cleanups and improvments remaining. This is not a simple task. It requires to quickly learn and understand what the existing code does and how it can be restructured to be clearer and more modular without making it slower or otherwise worse in a practically relevant way.
     216'''Expected results:''' A subset of: significantly improve clarity of the code, add features like multithreaded scaling, internal floating point support (swscale is largey integer only). The expected results for this task can also very easily be adjusted during the summer depending on how the work is progressing. Quality code is preferred over quantity!
     218'''Prerequisites:''' Good C coding skills, basic familiarity with git, ability to quickly understand existing code.
     220'''Qualification Task:''' Something that proofs that you understand the existing code and can manipulate it as you need to. A specific possibility would be to move some cases which are handled as cascaded contexts to run as part of the filters from ff_init_filters() wthout using cascaded contexts.
     222'''Mentor:''' Michael Niedermayer (''michaelni'' in #ffmpeg-devel on Freenode IRC,
     224'''Backup Mentor:''' TBC
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