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GSoC and Outreachy 2016 Qualification tasks

ProjectQualification MentorApplicant NameApplicant NickApplicant EmailQualification TaskComplexity Index (mmh)Date GivenStatusDate first submittedDate CompletedScore
Create a fuzzing testsuite for FFmpeg Kieran Kunhya Compile and run ​fffuzz and report and (possibly fix) a crash using zzuf or afl-fuzz.
FFv1 P frame support Michael Niedermayer Vladyslav Grynko scaredcookie Implement support for simple P frames without motion compensation in FFv1. That is so that each frame stores the difference to the previous frame. 2016-03-01
MPEG-4 Audio Lossless Coding (ALS) encoder Thilo Borgmann Umair Khan TBA
Thilo Borgmann Niklesh Lalwani TBA
Thilo Borgmann Priyanshu Jain TBA
Hardware Acceleration API Software / Tracing Implementation Reimar Doeffinger Prakhar Pratyush pnation2020 Anything related to the hardware acceleration code, though producing first ideas and code pieces for this task would also be reasonable 2016-03-02
MXF Demuxer Improvements Tomas Haerdin Investigate if there may be a compact way of representing the UL -> WrappingKind? mapping specified in the ​official RP224 Excel document.
VDPAU filter Carl Eugen Hoyos TBA
TrueHD encoder Rostislav Pehlivanov Jai Luthra darkapex Update the MLP encoder so that it produces a valid bitstream that can be decoded by FFmpeg without errors to silence. Find out how to validate the generated bitstream besides using FFmpeg. 2016-02-26
Improve Selftest coverage Michael Niedermayer Improve selftest code coverage by at least 1% of two of the main libraries (libavcodec, libavformat, libavdevice, libavfilter, libavutil, libswresample, libswscale) as listed at ​
Improve and Cleanup Swscale Michael Niedermayer Something that proofs that you understand the existing code and can manipulate it as you need to. A specific possibility would be to move some cases which are handled as cascaded contexts to run as part of the filters from ff_init_filters() wthout using cascaded contexts.
Motion interpolation in libavfilter Paul B Mahol Basic but working motion estimation filter.
DICOM support Carl Eugen Hoyos TBA