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    5959'''Backup mentor:''' TBA
     61== Subtitles ==
     63'''Description:''' FFmpeg has been working on improving its subtitles support recently, notably by adding the support for various text subtitles and various hardsubbing (burning the subtitles onto the video) facilities. While the theme may sound relatively simple compared to audio/video signal processing, the project carries an historical burden not easy to deal with, and introduces various issues very specific to its sparse form.
     66'''Expected results:'''
     68   - Add support for new subtitles formats. Example: a demuxer for .SUP files, just like VobSub but for Blu-Ray, or a VobSub muxer.
     69   - Improve text subtitles decoders. Typically, this can be supporting advanced markup features in SAMI or WebVTT.
     70   - Update the API to get rid of the clumsy internal text representation of styles
     71   - Proper integration of subtitles into libavfilter. This is the ultimate goal, as it will notably allow a complete subtitles rendering for applications such as ffplay.
     72   - BONUS: if everything goes well, the student will be allowed to add basic support for teletext
     74'''Prerequisites:''' C coding skills, familiarity with git/source code control systems. Some background in fansubbing area (notably ASS experience) would be a bonus but is not strictly required.
     76'''Qualification Task:''' write one subtitles demuxer and decoder (for example support for Spruce subtitles format). This is in order to make sure the subtitles chain is understood.
     78'''Mentor:''' Clément Bœsch (ubitux on IRC)
     80'''Backup Mentor:''' TBA, possibly Nicolas George (Cigaes on IRC)
    6283== Sample Project ==