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Misc Libavfilter extension added from gsoc 2013


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    5959'''Backup mentor:''' TBA
     62== Misc Libavfilter extension ==
     66'''Description:''' Libavfilter is the FFmpeg filtering library. It currently supports audio and video filtering and generation support. This work may focus on porting, fixing, extending, or writing new audio and video filters from scratch.
     68Candidate filters for porting may be the remaining MPlayer filters currently supported through the mp wrapper, libaf MPlayer filters, and filters from other frameworks (e.g. mjpegtools, transcode, avisynth, virtualdub, etc.). In case of mp ports, the student should verify that the new filter produces the same output and is not slower.
     70Some ideas for more filters:
     72   - a frequency filtering domain filter relying on the FFT utils in libavcodec
     73   - a controller filter which allows to send commands to other filters (e.g. to adjust volume, contrast, etc.), e.g. like the sendcmd filter but through an interactive GUI
     74   - a lua scripting filter, which allows to implement filtering custom logic in lua
     76For more ideas check: trac libavfilter tickets.
     78'''Expected results:''' Write or port audio and video filters and possibly fix/extend libavfilter API and design when required.
     80'''Prerequisites:''' C coding skills, familiarity with git/source code control systems. Some background on DSP and image/sound processing techniques would be a bonus but is not strictly required.
     82'''Qualification Task''': write or port one or more filters
     84'''Mentor:''' TBA possibly Stefano Sabatini (saste on IRC)
     86'''Backup mentor:''' Clément Bœsch (ubitux on IRC)
    6188== Subtitles ==