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     1The [ ffmpeg-user mailing list] is answered and maintained by volunteers. This list can often be high volume, so following the rules and asking detailed questions have a better chance of being answered. 
     3== General Rules and Suggestions == 
     5* Provide your ffmpeg command and the complete, uncut console output of your command. 
     6* Provide all necessary information so others can easily duplicate your issue. 
     7* Provide the most minimal command that still shows the issue in question. This will help narrow down what is causing the issue. 
     8* Use the most recent ffmpeg version possible. Compiling from git-master is preferred (see [[CompilationGuide|ffmpeg compilation guides]]), but a recent [ ffmpeg build] is often acceptable if you are unable to compile. 
     9* Do not hijack threads. Thread hijacking is replying to a message and changing the subject line to something completely unrelated that was not being discussed within the original thread. 
     10* Avoid [ top-posting]. 
     11* If you believe you are experiencing a regression please let us know and provide the responsible commit hash if known. 
     12* Avoid posting command lines that use shell variables. 
     13* Configure your mail client to break lines after ~70 characters. 
     14* Since this is a public mailing list boilerplate privacy notifications are to be avoided if possible. 
     15* Messages are limited to 100k in size. Provide links to larger files instead of attaching them. and are good free file hosts. 
     16* If you attach files, avoid compressing small files. Uncompressed is preferred. 
     17* Only FFmpeg tools and libraries are supported here. Forks and other third-party tools are not supported. 
     19== Moderation Queue == 
     21Messages that are sent from unsubscribed users and messages that are over 100k in size must be approved by a mailing list moderator. Moderation wait time can be up to 48 hours, but the wait is usually shorter than 12 hours. Please do not send a message, subscribe, and then send the same message. This may cause duplicates of the same question. 
     23== Unsubscribing == 
     25Please do not send unsubscribe requests to the mailing list. This creates unnecessary work for the moderator. You can unsubscribe yourself with one of two methods: 
     27* Send an email message to '''ffmpeg-user-request at''' with the subject '''unsubscribe''', or 
     28* Visit the [ ffmpeg-user Mailman] page and enter your email address in the box at the bottom of the page. 
     30== Using the archives to reply == 
     32Using the archives to reply is useful if you are not subscribed or do not have the message in your email history. You can reply to a message in the [ ffmpeg-user archives] by clicking on the author's email address link. This will provide the proper `in-reply-to` headers so your message stays within the discussion thread. Try to avoid replying to messages older than 3 months. 
     34You can also use [ Gmane] or [ Nabble] for a "forum style" format to interact with the mailing list.