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The original link is a ripoff/copy/clone of my blog posting on Additionally, the guide is being activly being maintained and updated

FFmpeg Compilation Guide

This page contains a list of resources which describe the necessary steps required for compiling FFmpeg from scratch.

Linux / BSD

Attention: If you are using gcc-4.2 please read ticket 1464 first.

  • Ubuntu - Compile FFmpeg and x264 on Ubuntu
  • CentOS - Compile FFmpeg, x264, LAME, vo-aacenc, libvorbis, libtheora, and libvpx on CentOS 6.0


Some dependencies can also be installed with homebrew or macports.


Compiling FFmpeg using MSVC is basically impossible and unsupported, however, you can consume the mingw builds (DLL or static) in an MSVC project.

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