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This is a simple idea/reminder list for new community contributed wiki articles. Feel free to add requested articles.

New Pages

  • Compilation guide for iOS
  • Device compatibility guide – Working examples for various devices including phones, media players, TVs, etc.
  • Using libquvi to work with streams directly (copy this from
  • x265 encoding guide.

Suggestions for Existing Pages

  • TheoraVorbisEncodingGuide - This article is a "stub" and can be expanded. HTML5 video specific info would be a good addition.
  • Capturing audio with FFmpeg and ALSA - Need more information and examples on creating a loopback device for whole system sound capture.
  • How to compile FFmpeg for Android – Should definitely be expanded.
  • Cover vp9 in vpx encoding guide.
  • In GuidelinesHighQualityAudio, the entry for libopus should be clarified (and references will be nice, otherwise it sounds totally made up or a random subjective opinion): "Usable range >= 80Kbps. Recommended range >= 128Kbps". For voice, 32Kbps is close to CD quality for example.