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Some potential Null pointer dereference bugs.

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Summary of the bug:
I have found some potential null pointer dereference bugs,which due to lack necessary checks after some memory alloc function.

These can cause segmentation fault with no error massages.

Bug 1: libavfilter/af_mcompand.c

 388:       s->bands[i].attack_rate = av_calloc(outlink->channels, sizeof(double));
 389:       s->bands[i].decay_rate = av_calloc(outlink->channels, sizeof(double));
 390:       s->bands[i].volume = av_calloc(outlink->channels, sizeof(double));
        for (k = 0; k < FFMIN(nb_attacks / 2, outlink->channels); k++) {...}

I have read the definition of av_calloc carefully and found it can have some ways to return NULL.But we have not check the returned pointer after line 388,389,390 and directly use them in the for loop.

Bug 2:dnn_backend_native.c

82:    AVFrame *in_frame = av_frame_alloc();
83:    AVFrame *out_frame = av_frame_alloc();
    in_frame->width = input_width;
    in_frame->height = input_height;

Same to Bug1 ,forget to check ther return value of av_frame_alloc() and directly use them.

Bug 3:libavfilter/dnn/dnn_backend_native_layer_conv2d.c

227:        thread_param[i] = av_malloc(sizeof(**thread_param));
228:        thread_param[i]->thread_common_param = &thread_common_param;
246:        thread_param[0] = av_malloc(sizeof(**thread_param));
247:        thread_param[0]->thread_common_param = &thread_common_param;

Forget to check the retrun value of av_malloc and directly use them.

Bug 4:libavformat/avidec.c

1075:        AVIOContext *pb = avio_alloc_context(pkt->data + 7,
                                             pkt->size - 7,
                                             0, NULL, NULL, NULL, NULL);
1081:        if (desc_len > pb->buf_end - pb->buf_ptr)

Forget to check the retrun value of avio_alloc_context and directly use them.

Bug 5:libavformat/hls.c

830:            cur_init_section = new_init_section(pls, &info, url);
831:            cur_init_section->key_type = key_type;

Forget to check the retrun value of new_init_sectionand directly use them.

Fix them can make your project more robust, please consider them,thanks.

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