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“ffmpeg -h encoder=libx264”: “Supported pixel formats”: Remove “nv12” and “nv21”

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ffmpeg-20191101-53c21c2-win64-static\bin\ffmpeg.exe -h encoder=libx264
Encoder libx264 [libx264 H.264 / AVC / MPEG-4 AVC / MPEG-4 part 10]:
    General capabilities: delay threads 
    Threading capabilities: auto
    Supported pixel formats: yuv420p yuvj420p yuv422p yuvj422p yuv444p yuvj444p nv12 nv16 nv21 yuv420p10le yuv422p10le yuv444p10le nv20le gray gray10le

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comment:1 by Nicolas George, 3 years ago

Resolution: invalid
Status: newclosed

libx264 does support both formats, without conversion.

in reply to:  1 comment:2 by Kdmeizk, 3 years ago

Replying to Cigaes:

libx264 does support both formats, without conversion.

Since ffmpeg encodes in “yuv420p” when “yuv420p” or “nv12” or “nv21” is chosen, why let the possibility to encode in “nv12” or “nv21”?
It seems to be superfluous code.

comment:3 by Nicolas George, 3 years ago

There is no code in FFmpeg, it is forwarded to the library. You can ask there, but I suspect they know better.

in reply to:  3 comment:4 by Kdmeizk, 3 years ago

Oh. So the meaning of “Supported pixel formats” is more “Supported input pixel formats” than “Supported output pixel formats”?

comment:5 by Nicolas George, 3 years ago

It was explained to you that there is no “pixel format” as such in encoded bit streams.

comment:6 by Kdmeizk, 3 years ago

Yes. With this question, I try to check if “Supported pixel formats” could be renamed “Supported input pixel formats” or “Supported output pixel formats” to easier understand.
I looked in “x264-r2969-d4099dd.exe --fullhelp”:

      --input-csp <string>    Specify input colorspace format for raw input
                              - valid csps for `raw' demuxer:
                                i400, i420, yv12, nv12, nv21, i422, yv16, nv16, 
                                yuyv, uyvy, i444, yv24, bgr, bgra, rgb
                              - valid csps for `lavf' demuxer:
                                yuv420p, yuyv422, rgb24, bgr24, yuv422p, 
                                yuv444p, yuv410p, yuv411p, gray, monow, monob, 
                                pal8, yuvj420p, yuvj422p, yuvj444p, uyvy422, 
                                uyyvyy411, bgr8, bgr4, bgr4_byte, rgb8, rgb4, 
                                rgb4_byte, nv12, nv21, argb, rgba, abgr, bgra, 
                                gray16be, gray16le, yuv440p, yuvj440p, 
                                yuva420p, rgb48be, rgb48le, rgb565be, rgb565le, 
                                rgb555be, rgb555le, bgr565be, bgr565le, 
                                bgr555be, bgr555le, vaapi_moco, vaapi_idct, 
                                vaapi_vld, yuv420p16le, yuv420p16be, 
                                yuv422p16le, yuv422p16be, yuv444p16le, 
                                yuv444p16be, dxva2_vld, rgb444le, rgb444be, 
                                bgr444le, bgr444be, ya8, bgr48be, bgr48le, 
                                yuv420p9be, yuv420p9le, yuv420p10be, 
                                yuv420p10le, yuv422p10be, yuv422p10le, 
                                yuv444p9be, yuv444p9le, yuv444p10be, 
                                yuv444p10le, yuv422p9be, yuv422p9le, gbrp, 
                                gbrp9be, gbrp9le, gbrp10be, gbrp10le, gbrp16be, 
                                gbrp16le, yuva422p, yuva444p, yuva420p9be, 
                                yuva420p9le, yuva422p9be, yuva422p9le, 
                                yuva444p9be, yuva444p9le, yuva420p10be, 
                                yuva420p10le, yuva422p10be, yuva422p10le, 
                                yuva444p10be, yuva444p10le, yuva420p16be, 
                                yuva420p16le, yuva422p16be, yuva422p16le, 
                                yuva444p16be, yuva444p16le, vdpau, xyz12le, 
                                xyz12be, nv16, nv20le, nv20be, rgba64be, 
                                rgba64le, bgra64be, bgra64le, yvyu422, ya16be, 
                                ya16le, gbrap, gbrap16be, gbrap16le, qsv, mmal, 
                                d3d11va_vld, cuda, 0rgb, rgb0, 0bgr, bgr0, 
                                yuv420p12be, yuv420p12le, yuv420p14be, 
                                yuv420p14le, yuv422p12be, yuv422p12le, 
                                yuv422p14be, yuv422p14le, yuv444p12be, 
                                yuv444p12le, yuv444p14be, yuv444p14le, 
                                gbrp12be, gbrp12le, gbrp14be, gbrp14le, 
                                yuvj411p, bayer_bggr8, bayer_rggb8, 
                                bayer_gbrg8, bayer_grbg8, bayer_bggr16le, 
                                bayer_bggr16be, bayer_rggb16le, bayer_rggb16be, 
                                bayer_gbrg16le, bayer_gbrg16be, bayer_grbg16le, 
                                bayer_grbg16be, xvmc, yuv440p10le, yuv440p10be, 
                                yuv440p12le, yuv440p12be, ayuv64le, ayuv64be, 
                                videotoolbox_vld, p010le, p010be, gbrap12be, 
                                gbrap12le, gbrap10be, gbrap10le, mediacodec, 
                                gray12be, gray12le, gray10be, gray10le, p016le, 
                                p016be, d3d11, gray9be, gray9le, gbrpf32be, 
                                gbrpf32le, gbrapf32be, gbrapf32le, drm_prime, 
                                opencl, gray14be, gray14le, grayf32be, 
                                grayf32le, yuva422p12be, yuva422p12le, 
                                yuva444p12be, yuva444p12le
      --output-csp <string>   Specify output colorspace ["i420"]
                                  - i400, i420, i422, i444, rgb

“input-csp” better approaches “Supported pixel formats”, so it is in favour of “Supported input pixel formats”.

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