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Showing objects tagged with 'vp9'

  • #4904 defect: Broken vp9 decoding after failed seek in webm file (new)
  • #7525 defect: VAAPI: Transcoding MJPEG to VP9 fails on GeminiLake (open)
  • #8068 enhancement: vaapi/nvdec/dxva2 hw decode failed for vp9 clips with resolution ... (new)
  • #8344 enhancement: ffprobe does not recognize yuva420p format (alpha channel) for webm (new)
  • #9599 defect: VideoToolbox VP9 hwaccel freezes ffmpeg (open)
  • #10614 defect: FFMpeg unable to generate VP9 Full Range videos ? (new)
  • #10790 defect: libvpx-vp9 "Mismatching timestamps; this is a bug, please report it" (new)
  • Encode/VP9 FFmpeg and VP9 Encoding Guide
  • vpxEncodingGuide