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Showing objects tagged with 'vdpau'

  • #2915 defect: mpeg2 vdpau hardware decoding does sometimes not work with libavformat ... (new)
  • #3138 defect: VDPAU: MPEG-4 Video Corruption/Garbling with Radeon hardware decoding (new)
  • #3565 defect: ffmpeg with hwaccel vdpau decode created washed out highlight h.264 video (new)
  • #3726 defect: mpeg4 vdpau decoding failed (reopened)
  • #5286 defect: ffmpeg -hwaccel vdpau limited to h264 level 4.1 since avconv_vdpau: ... (new)
  • #7210 defect: avcodec decoder error: existing hardware acceleration cannot be reused (new)
  • #7541 enhancement: dlopen() vdpau (new)
  • #8537 defect: vdpau not usable (new)
  • #9532 defect: Blocks with VDPAU and H264/1080i (new)
  • #10672 defect: Ffmpeg 6.1 causing vdpau crash in VLC (new)
  • HWAccelIntro Platform API Availability