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Showing objects tagged with 'vc1'

  • #259 defect: framerate detection does not work properly. (mkv with default duration ... (open)
  • #655 defect: mms stream shows artefacts on codec change (reopened)
  • #1885 enhancement: Multithreaded decoding for vc1 (new)
  • #1887 enhancement: wmv3: Old interlaced mode is not supported / Reserved RES_SM=2 is forbidden (open)
  • #2524 enhancement: vc1 error concealment (new)
  • #2685 enhancement: vc1: Progressive Segmented Frame mode not supported (new)
  • #5274 enhancement: vc1 with main profile fails to decode (open)
  • #7172 enhancement: vc1 luma and chroma scaling is not supported (new)
  • #7404 defect: [ffmpeg-qsv][vc1_decode]some frames error in dump file on iHD driver. (new)
  • #8515 defect: vc1_parser erroneously flagged every packet as keyframe (open)
  • #8696 enhancement: enhancement: more neon accerleration for vc-1 (new)
  • #9863 defect: warning: first frame is no keyframe (open)