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Showing objects tagged with 'ubsan'

  • #6224 defect: signed integer overflow in decode_coeffs_b_generic() (open)
  • #8138 defect: load of misaligned address in libavcodec/startcode.c (reopened)
  • #8177 defect: four division by zero bugs in aaccoder.c and lpc.h (new)
  • #8201 defect: outside the range of int at libavcodec/mpegvideo_enc.c (new)
  • #8312 defect: signed integer overflow at libavcodec/elbg.c (new)
  • #8321 defect: signed integer overflow at libavcodec/elbg.c:243,323 (new)
  • #8326 defect: signed integer overflow at libavformat/mpegenc.c:919 (new)
  • #8486 defect: UBSan: int overflow in avidec.c (open)
  • #8494 defect: UBSan: outside the range of representable values of type 'long' (open)
  • #8596 defect: UBSan: signed integer overflow in oggdec.c:651 (new)