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Showing objects tagged with 'tif'

  • #638 enhancement: add support for tiled TIFF (open)
  • #914 enhancement: tiff: support "old style LZW" (open)
  • #1178 defect: tiff enc: odd-sized yuv410p tiff image decodes in other apps with ... (reopened)
  • #4364 enhancement: Support for DNG (RAW) (open)
  • #4687 enhancement: Support tif images with less than eight bits (new)
  • #5303 enhancement: Support float in tiff (reopened)
  • #5874 enhancement: tiff LZW compression does not compress enough (open)
  • #8644 enhancement: Demux multi-image TIFF beyond first image (new)
  • #8960 defect: The function decode_frame in libavcodec/tiff.c has an uninitialized ... (reopened)
  • #9514 defect: TIFF decoding fails with error: rps 0 invalid (reopened)
  • #10673 enhancement: BigTiff header from gimp not supported? (new)