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Showing objects tagged with 'segment'

  • #2307 defect: Stream segmenter bug if total recorded length > 12 hours (new)
  • #2327 enhancement: accept "chapters" as segment_times (open)
  • #2547 defect: -muxrate option doesn't work with stream_segment mpegts output (open)
  • #2600 enhancement: print EXT-X-STREAM-INF and BANDWIDTH in output M3U8 (open)
  • #5452 defect: ssegment muxer reset continuity counters on each segment regardless of ... (new)
  • #7067 defect: ffmpeg -f segment fails after 30 minutes (new)
  • #7711 defect: Segmenting with libopus produces incorrect segment durations in output ... (new)
  • #9078 enhancement: HLS Random Filename for segments (new)
  • #9577 defect: Wrong segments encoding to MXF XDCAM HD422 (new)
  • #10134 defect: Timescale value in manifest inconsistent in DASH Template mode vs ... (new)
  • #10337 defect: Segmentation fault when encodig with 'hevc_nvenc' (new)