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Showing objects tagged with 'opus'

  • #4178 defect: Opus audio in MKV container (open)
  • #4692 defect: opus + webm - inconsistent meta? (new)
  • #5310 defect: mpegts demuxer ignores the amount of samples it should drop from the ... (new)
  • #5828 defect: Duration mismatch on opus to pcm conversion (open)
  • #6841 defect: 1ms gap in WebM Opus files encoded with ffmpeg (open)
  • #7182 defect: Asynchronity when muxing Opus in Matroska (new)
  • #7711 defect: Segmenting with libopus produces incorrect segment durations in output ... (new)
  • #8791 defect: Metadata will not copy over going from opus to mp4 (new)
  • #9177 defect: Opus end trimming isn't handled correctly for opus-in-mp4. (new)