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Showing objects tagged with 'ffmpeg'

  • #3020 enhancement: FFmpeg should do framerate convert before scaling if (and only if) ... (open)
  • #6217 defect: Ffmpeg ignores bitrate parameter when encoding with libxvid at 2nd pass (new)
  • #6489 task: Screen capture on Android (open)
  • #6547 defect: FFmpeg auth fail with long rtsp urls (new)
  • #9351 defect: bug in several windows builds when reencoding h.264 to h.265 with GPU (open)
  • #9484 defect: HLS muxer: inital fmp4 segment has non-zero duration even if ... (reopened)
  • #9566 defect: MacOS BigSur failed on compling ffmpeg of vf_yadif_videotoolbox.metal ... (new)
  • #9635 enhancement: volumedetect: offer to calculate a more detailed DB histogram? (new)
  • #9676 defect: error while decoding MPD by FFmpeg (new)
  • #9832 defect: Avisynth source on Linux: Address boundary error (new)
  • #10250 defect: libx265 -x265-params no-temporal-layers value not recognized (new)