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Showing objects tagged with 'dvdsub'

  • #946 defect: ffplay: almost unreadable dvd subtitles due to wrong colors (open)
  • #2035 defect: DVD subtitle from VOB does not contain CodecPrivate data (open)
  • #2387 enhancement: Support DVD sub rasterization (reopened)
  • #2391 enhancement: VobSub muxer (open)
  • #4047 defect: dvdsub -> dvbsub: color palette and postion do not match (new)
  • #4855 enhancement: Support subtitles in (most likely) broken old vdr recordings (new)
  • #5124 defect: Vobsub subtitles not burning with a certain file (new)
  • #6835 enhancement: DVBSUB -> DVDSUB "blurring" (new)