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Showing objects tagged with 'cuda'

  • #6989 defect: Hwaccel cuvid fails with “Error creating a NVDEC decoder: 1” (open)
  • #8127 defect: problems format detecting: Format cuda not usable, retrying ... (new)
  • #8790 defect: Compile NVDEC with Quadro RTX 6000 : "ERROR: failed checking for nvcc" (new)
  • #9019 defect: CUDA Compile Broken Using MSVC (new)
  • #9150 defect: Latest MSVS breaks build on windows (new)
  • #9291 defect: exact=1 crop filter for nv12-format video seems to swap color ... (new)
  • #9885 defect: Linux CUDA_ERROR_SYSTEM_NOT_READY with the latest NVIDIA 515.65.01 ... (new)
  • #9997 defect: overlay_cuda cannot be control by ZMQ but overlay can (new)
  • HWAccelIntro Platform API Availability