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Showing objects tagged with 'audio'

  • #1721 defect: ffplay doesn't correctly play files with audio timestamps not starting ... (new)
  • #4334 defect: Second audio track marked as default after copy (new)
  • #9487 defect: FFmpeg -shortest not working when using -filter_complex with audio and ... (open)
  • #10323 defect: Incorrect decoding of Monkey's Audio 3.80 (open)
  • #10413 enhancement: Audio and Subtitle Internationalization support (new)
  • #10606 defect: ffplay ignores relative audio delay tag (new)
  • #10692 defect: Sending commands to atempo filter make it assert (new)
  • #10696 defect: 44.1 16-bit monkey's audio .ape file decodes with blasts of noise (new)
  • #10703 defect: ffmpeg 6.1 and master error opening media (new)
  • AudioChannelManipulation stereo → mono stream
  • Capture/ALSA Syntax