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Showing objects tagged with 'asf'

  • #655 defect: mms stream shows artefacts on codec change (reopened)
  • #1170 enhancement: asf sub index seeking (open)
  • #2308 defect: Transcoding problems with asf / wma lossless files (reopened)
  • #2681 defect: Invalid frame duration for wmav2 in asf (new)
  • #3752 defect: can't seek to specified position in asf stream (open)
  • #3951 defect: RTSP (WMServer) playback failed to recover after pause. (new)
  • #4230 defect: ASF: Big Muxing Overhead (open)
  • #5502 defect: wmv3 video track produced by GoToMeeting is transcoded to 1000 FPS h264 (new)
  • #5661 defect: Warnings shown when seeking asf (open)
  • #7956 enhancement: asf container - HE-AAC stream detected as "unknown: none" (new)
  • #8678 enhancement: Text subtitles in asf (new)
  • #9643 enhancement: Recognize HEVC fourCC and 0x704F fourCC input for asf (new)