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Showing objects tagged with 'AAC'

  • #929 enhancement: AAC decoder does not respect request_channels (open)
  • #4894 defect: Problem with -acodec copy and AAC VBR (new)
  • #7553 defect: start_time / start_pts is wrong for AAC in MOV (new)
  • #9233 defect: MPEG-2 audio stream probed as AC-3 due to PMT descriptor (new)
  • #10380 defect: H264/AAC MP4 video first frame doesn't report a zero mediaTime using ... (new)
  • #10477 defect: WAV to AAC-HE conversion writes wrong "priming" and "remainder" info fields (new)
  • #10599 defect: hls: Broken handling of partially encrypted http-streams (new)
  • #10741 defect: aac_at quality only settable with q:a, not global_quality:a (new)
  • #10870 defect: libfdk_aac and aac_at encoders inflate small samples, native aac ... (new)