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#3313 ffmpeg can't receive the UDP multicasted MPEGTS streams defect important avformat git-master
#3622 Second audio track in mov sometimes marked as default defect important avformat git-master
#3726 mpeg4 vdpau decoding failed defect important avcodec git-master
#4528 [regression] [matroska] Codec for stream 1 does not use global headers but container format requires global headers defect important avformat git-master
#4831 Can't initialize h264_qsv encoder post Aug 29 2015 - Ivy Bridge CPU IvUs defect important avcodec git-master
#5000 Skipping frames for GoPro videos recorder with Ambarella defect important undetermined git-master
#5023 Can no longer read mjpeg from Mobotix camera defect important avformat git-master
#5672 concat demuxer truncates output duration defect important avformat 3.0.3
#5764 ffmpeg deadlock with first pass x264 encode with >=slower and bitrate set defect important undetermined git-master
#5817 WinRT compilation does not work defect important build system unspecified
#6065 47724 images instead of 2000 defect important undetermined git-master
#6375 [bug][regression] Too many packets buffered for output stream defect important ffmpeg git-master
#6701 Green images from TS file defect important avcodec git-master
#110 MP4 Muxer gives incorrect frame duration with AAC defect normal avformat git-master
#128 svq1 decoder is somehow buggy defect normal avcodec git-master
#479 AVStream.start_time incorrect by 2 frames for Sony XDCAM-EX files defect normal avformat unspecified
#502 Jumping frames (wrong presentation order) in QT for avi(h264)->mp4 streamcopy (missing h264 pts interpolation code) defect normal avcodec git-master
#655 mms stream shows artefacts on codec change defect normal undetermined git-master
#845 Artefacts with Indeo 4 defect normal avcodec git-master
#933 A/V desync when transcoding A/V files with timestamps non starting from 0 with -copyts defect normal ffmpeg git-master
#1031 yuv420p to rgb24 wrong pixels at end of rows michael defect normal swscale git-master
#1178 tiff enc: visible green dots with odd width and -pix_fmt yuv410p defect normal avcodec git-master
#1304 rawvideo 8bpp: incorrect output with -vcodec copy defect normal avformat git-master
#1349 itsoffset doesn't work for second input file (audio) defect normal ffmpeg git-master
#1600 remux of xdcam mxf to mov is unplayable in Final Cut Pro defect normal avformat git-master
#2002 mms streaming always requests all streams defect normal avformat git-master
#2252 WTV files created by ffmpeg do not playback on XBox 360 extender defect normal avformat git-master
#2294 timeout option does not work for rtsp streaming defect normal avformat git-master
#2375 FFprobe outputs nonsense DTS/PTS for streams with reordered frames defect normal undetermined git-master
#2604 flm files cannot be written without explicitly setting the pixel format for rawvideo defect normal undetermined git-master
#2786 last packet of TTA stream in Matroska isn't decoded correctly defect normal avformat git-master
#3125 \\ 'separator' in id3tag causes unwanted truncation of ffprobe output defect normal avformat git-master
#3252 Using -ss before the input file causes WTV stream copy to error with PTS<DTS and av_interleaved_frame_write error defect normal undetermined git-master
#3307 -level AVoption does not set refs with libx264 defect normal avcodec git-master
#3405 Bizare behaviour with RTP mpegts sources defect normal undetermined git-master
#3409 Impossible to transcode full range RGB videos with libx264, and keep full range + proper colors defect normal undetermined unspecified
#3454 Emotion Systems violates GPL license violation normal undetermined unspecified
#3623 Mixed results writing M4A metadata defect normal undetermined unspecified
#3631 Aspect ratio change in the middle of a video stream defect normal undetermined git-master
#3801 SWSCALE: Incorrect Values (+-1) in Full Range Conversion RGB to YCbCr defect normal undetermined unspecified
#4122 Artefacts for damaged h264 stream defect normal avcodec git-master
#4155 UDP Output is Waving defect normal avformat git-master
#4177 Digimetrics Hydra Player violates the GPL license violation normal undetermined unspecified
#4320 Incorrect work with SoX pipe defect normal undetermined git-master
#4401 Past duration too large defect normal ffmpeg git-master
#4554 wrong seek with -ss defect normal undetermined git-master
#4727 Undefined behaviors in ffmpeg defect normal avcodec git-master
#4735 Kaltura ships ffmpeg with --non-free and violates (L)GPL license violation normal undetermined unspecified
#4824 Decklink Lip-sync trouble defect normal avdevice git-master
#4853 Regression: latest version drops frames when concatenating M2TS (to FFV1) defect normal avformat git-master
#4951 Different frame rate using ts and mov containers defect normal undetermined git-master
#5141 Eltima violates GPL license violation normal undetermined unspecified
#5238 gapless playback doesn't work (with at least Opus) defect normal undetermined git-master
#5275 fix decoding of mpegable h264 sample defect normal undetermined git-master
#5295 Unusual bug when file name starts with leading %20 defect normal avformat unspecified
#5536 Segmentation fault (core dumped) on large file defect normal undetermined git-master
#5654 avfoundation screen capture produces misaligned picture at 1366x768 resolution defect normal avdevice git-master
#5708 Intermittently, encoding video with h264 Quick Sync can fail with 'EncodeFrameAsync returned -17' defect normal avcodec git-master
#5954 Audio is not in sync with video, (In: rtmp audio + rtmp video, Out: rtmp mix) defect normal undetermined unspecified
#6121 -stream_loop option does not work, while movie filter with loop option does defect normal ffmpeg git-master
#6260 NVENC H.264 encoding causes aliasing / stair-stepping colors, worse on interlaced than progressive defect normal avcodec git-master
#6324 Cannot compile ffmpeg 3.3 and latest master for arm64 for iOS defect normal ffmpeg git-master
#6415 Strange DTS of first packet in RTSP stream defect normal undetermined unspecified
#6475 NVENC: -coder 0 parameter produces no error, but does not disable CABAC defect normal avcodec git-master
#6670 "LAVSplitterSource" shows empty "Chapters"(title) metadata tags for remote file. defect normal undetermined unspecified
#6673 fmp4/hls not working with remote paths defect normal avformat git-master
#6756 comfortnoise decoder prints warnings and decodes forever even if given a time limit defect normal undetermined git-master
#6781 MXF Format errors defect normal undetermined unspecified
#6801 libavformat/tls_openssl.c: implicit declaration of function 'BIO_meth_*' defect normal avformat git-master
#6827 Intel QSV: "Failed to create Direct3D device" on Core i7-7700K (Skylake) on Windows 10 defect normal undetermined unspecified
#974 genpts not enabled automatically when remuxing from VOB to MOV enhancement minor undetermined git-master
#2667 console spamming when decoding a h264 / mp4 stream defect minor avcodec git-master
#2716 Memory leak at avformat_new_stream defect minor avformat git-master
#4643 Multiple "Past duration 0.XXXXXX too large" and "dup=0 drop=1" messages when reencoding a H.264 source to x264 defect minor undetermined git-master
#4698 Wrong channel layout for FLAC 3/1 channels on playback defect minor avcodec git-master
#4916 AAC decoder generates noise if compiled on OSX 10.10.3 defect minor avcodec git-master
#5101 Variables used uninitialized in libavformat/utils.c defect minor avformat git-master
#5795 decoding with some pbm files defect minor avcodec git-master
#5803 ffprobe reports wrong DAR defect minor avcodec git-master
#5838 avcodec_open2 doesn't open raw video codec unles parameters in context are set enhancement minor documentation git-master
#709 Dolby pro logic IIx and IIz downmixing enhancement wish swresample git-master
#1452 image2 to support %t enhancement wish avformat git-master
#1565 ffmpeg fails to build on x32 ABI enhancement wish avcodec git-master
#1778 EIA-608 / EIA-708 Closed Captions disappear when transcoding/reencoding enhancement wish undetermined git-master
#1800 support iTunes drm encrypted files enhancement wish undetermined git-master
#2031 ffmpeg fails to access certain http URLs enhancement wish avformat git-master
#2119 Support for Playstation 2 Audio file format enhancement wish avformat unspecified
#2387 Support DVD sub rasterization enhancement wish undetermined git-master
#2573 Remuxed XDCAM mov does not play correctly in Quicktime player enhancement wish avformat git-master
#2623 Automated crash report enhancement wish undetermined unspecified
#2653 DCP-compatible output with libopenjpeg encoder enhancement wish undetermined git-master
#3803 Calculate actual bitrate of first frame when reading cbr dts enhancement wish avcodec git-master
#3805 Transparent png pixels should show the background colour enhancement wish ffplay git-master
#4093 Support ign files created with lavf enhancement wish avformat git-master
#4165 Improve page selection for dvb teletext enhancement wish undetermined git-master
#4661 swscale support for V210 as a pixel format enhancement wish swscale git-master
#4773 Multidimensional Quantization needs aeons enhancement wish avcodec git-master
#4976 BK2 format support enhancement wish undetermined git-master
#5781 Improve documentation and examples for AVCodecParameters related functions enhancement wish documentation git-master
#5843 Read references in swf files enhancement wish avformat git-master
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