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#1939 zork pcm decoder is broken new defect normal avcodec
#6490 youtube live stream stopt play new defect important avformat
#6234 xpm: fails to decode new defect normal undetermined
#7215 xWMA 22KHz files produce garbled output new defect normal avcodec
#3169 x11grab leaks shared memory if X server shuts down new defect normal avdevice
#6725 wrong timecode for dpx new defect normal avcodec
#6465 wrong metadata for the DNxHD codec prevent playback on Specialized Broadcast Hardware new defect normal undetermined
#3563 wrong duration reported by ffmpeg new defect normal avformat
#978 wrong container fps when muxing raw Xvid to avi new defect normal undetermined
#5502 wmv3 video track produced by GoToMeeting is transcoded to 1000 FPS h264 new defect normal undetermined
#4145 when rebroadcasting/streaming to flv format with aac_adtstoasc bitstream filter, sound gets removed new defect normal undetermined
#2703 when encountering a ENOSPC as a HLS streamer ffmpeg hangs without exiting new defect normal avformat
#6101 webvtt output has seconds as milliseconds new defect normal avformat
#4189 webcam overlay audio desync Windows 7 new defect normal undetermined
#4140 wav: Demux cover art open enhancement wish avformat
#6734 vidstabtransform bicubic interpolation issue new defect normal avfilter
#5272 videotoolbox fails to initialize for mpeg2, mpeg4 codec open defect important avcodec
#6954 videotoolbox fails to build with MACOSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET=10.7 new defect normal build system
#6464 videotoolbox decoding error new defect important undetermined
#6019 video_delay is larger in decoder than demuxer new defect minor undetermined
#6639 video4linux2 (v4l2) add option to set bitrate for compressed video new enhancement wish avdevice
#1456 video will not stream new defect normal undetermined
#4297 video sync errors and missing stream after clipping h264 files new defect normal undetermined
#4465 video filter ass does not load embedded font files new defect normal avfilter
#2750 video buffer problem after cut video open defect normal undetermined
#3112 vcodec copy produces broken AVCHD files new defect normal undetermined
#2685 vc1: Progressive Segmented Frame mode not supported new enhancement wish avcodec
#7172 vc1 luma and chroma scaling is not supported new enhancement wish avcodec
#2524 vc1 error concealment new enhancement wish avcodec
#6379 vaapi_encode_check_config invalid free new defect important avcodec
#2305 v4l2 user control configuration mechanism new enhancement wish avdevice
#6249 v4l2 output encoder does not support h264 (only raw) new enhancement normal undetermined
#3910 uspp filter using a lot memory new enhancement wish avfilter
#3433 using "shortest" results in mismatched audio and video lengths new defect normal ffmpeg
#4272 user-agent parameter used by RTSP tunnelling is ignored new defect normal avformat
#6146 use ImageDescription version>=2 with v210 in quicktime new defect normal undetermined
#6033 unsharp filter documentetion additional description. new enhancement minor documentation
#1941 unable to receive RTSP stream from VLC new defect normal undetermined
#6261 unable to copy file fragment with ffmpeg new defect normal undetermined
#6021 tx3g / mov_text subtitles are not encoded correctly in some specific cases new defect normal avcodec
#6922 transcode with ffmpeg may eat up a lot of memory new defect normal undetermined
#6366 tracks lengths are not frame accurate for non-compressed codecs new defect normal undetermined
#7039 too many packets buffered for output audio stream new defect important undetermined
#2294 timeout option does not work for rtsp streaming reopened defect normal avformat
#2044 timecode copying error with variable frame rate QuickTime files new defect normal avformat
#6582 thread limit new defect normal undetermined
#5058 the concat filter does not respect the audio delay of the second segment open defect normal avfilter
#6262 tfs file - dvr 6000 series new enhancement wish avformat
#5913 teletext / zvbi -> dvbsub new enhancement wish avcodec
#4270 tee muxing problem when -vcodec copy new defect normal undetermined
#6258 tee muxer fails on stream copy new defect normal undetermined
#3027 tee muxer do not catch exception when slave fall dow new defect normal undetermined
#6763 swscale: Out-of-bounds memory accesses new defect important swscale
#4661 swscale support for V210 as a pixel format reopened enhancement wish swscale
#4814 swscale default alpha blending drops alpha new enhancement normal undetermined
#128 svq1 decoder is somehow buggy reopened defect normal avcodec
#6104 supprt -c:v 2vuy new enhancement wish avcodec
#1389 support setting bitrate for v4l UVC web cam with hardware h264 encoder new enhancement normal undetermined
#7141 support repeat boolean in FFREPORT global var new enhancement normal undetermined
#4175 support phase shift for Dolby Pro Logic II / Dolby matrix downmix new enhancement normal swresample
#2616 support matrox mpeg-2 I-frame with alpha codec (m704 fourcc) open defect normal avcodec
#1336 support image2pipe input without parser open enhancement normal undetermined
#1158 support iXML riff chunk open enhancement wish avformat
#1800 support iTunes drm encrypted files reopened enhancement wish undetermined
#3706 support header row per section in ffprobe csv writer new enhancement wish ffprobe
#5361 support for the options of decoding quality of videotoolbox open enhancement wish avcodec
#5337 support for other codecs in videotoolbox encoding open kernrj enhancement wish avcodec
#5583 support for openmp of soxr new enhancement wish swresample
#6213 support for autodetecting the best program in hls new enhancement wish avformat
#2112 support for NL Filter open enhancement wish avfilter
#5698 support for Matroska's EditionFlagOrdered new enhancement wish avformat
#2493 support filter options within ffprobe new enhancement normal ffprobe
#4589 support alis data reference type in mov new enhancement normal undetermined
#6168 support Wing Commander Privateer Audio vpk files new enhancement wish avcodec
#6023 support Transfer characteristic in DPX encoder new enhancement wish avcodec
#3511 support FrameRate in dpx files new enhancement normal undetermined
#2866 support --verify option for lossless encoding to decode the output in parallel to compare to original open enhancement wish ffmpeg
#5143 subtitle seek and end time doesn't handle subtitles active at boundaries new defect normal undetermined
#4063 sub2video gets stuck with damaged video and non-monotonic timestamps when used with -copyts new defect normal ffmpeg
#7054 stream_loop "Seek to start failed" with H.264 rawvideo file new defect important ffmpeg
#4276 stream from Dreambox to udp (http -> udp) new defect normal undetermined
#5420 start time changes with codecpar new defect minor undetermined
#1486 stalls / pauses in video every 30 seconds. new defect normal undetermined
#5452 ssegment muxer reset continuity counters on each segment regardless of reset_timestamps option value new defect normal avformat
#4213 sps 32 refrence erro new defect normal undetermined
#6485 sound disappears after some time when creating hls chunks new defect normal undetermined
#6266 sometimes lost sound when hls streaming new defect normal undetermined
#4507 smbclient cause ffmpeg crash new defect normal avformat
#3853 silence in front of generated audio mpegts new defect normal undetermined
#5134 signed integer overflow in weight_h264_pixels4_9_c() new defect normal avcodec
#5132 signed integer overflow in avformat_find_stream_info() new defect normal avformat
#5446 shorten: support alaw and mulaw new enhancement wish avcodec
#6951 sendcmd does not work with drawbox new enhancement wish avfilter
#2563 selection and x11grab new enhancement wish avdevice
#4048 segment: Handle WebVTT as per HLS spec new enhancement normal avformat
#5707 seeking with apng does not work new defect normal avformat
#6315 seeking in mp4 is inaccurate new defect normal ffmpeg
#5753 sanm: implement codec 37 compression 1 new defect normal avcodec
#6230 rv20: error messages with "Enable Loss Protection"-encoded file new defect normal undetermined
#6851 rtsp with udp not working well new defect normal undetermined
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