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#3756 Fails to identify video track in Ogg file open enhancement avformat git-master
#5789 Fast in-place replacement of embedded subtitles with ffmpeg new enhancement avformat git-master
#3921 Faster RDFT new enhancement avcodec git-master
#3389 Feature Request - Isolate and normalize video content new enhancement undetermined unspecified
#6659 Feature Request - Range header in RTSP protocol implementation new enhancement avformat unspecified
#1530 Feature Request :: Allow more options in .ffpreset files new enhancement ffmpeg git-master
#980 Feature request : Optimising (MPEG) video streams open enhancement ffmpeg unspecified
#5476 Feature: Separate Real-Time Console Status Output For Audio/Video Bitrate new enhancement ffmpeg git-master
#3162 Folding or shortening of long quotes/messages in trac open enhancement trac unspecified
#5793 Force decoder in (a)movie new enhancement avfilter git-master
#4142 Fourth Generation Vocoder new enhancement avcodec git-master
#2865 Front Center, Downmix Left, and Downmix Right unlabelled in QTPlayer new enhancement avformat git-master
#2522 Give ffmpeg (better) mp4 chapter editing support open enhancement undetermined git-master
#6521 HEIF support open mateo enhancement avformat git-master
#3581 HEVC video in FLV doesn't work open enhancement avformat git-master
#5755 HEVC video stream obtained from Zavio D6320 IP camea can be decoded only partitially open enhancement avformat git-master
#4141 HEVC: 1920x1080i file decoded as 1920x540p open enhancement avcodec git-master
#2886 HLS source with multiple variants is not optimally handled new enhancement avformat git-master
#5762 HTTP: IDN doesn't work open enhancement avformat git-master
#6066 Handling HTTP 500 errors for input files reopened enhancement avformat unspecified
#3635 Have machines for fate and developers with particular instruction sets new sponsoring request undetermined unspecified
#5553 IFF ANIM: support anims with sound open enhancement avformat git-master
#5650 IFF ANIM: support decoding of interlaced Scala's anims open enhancement avcodec git-master
#5338 Implement -h, -h long, -h full in ffplay to match ffmpeg cli open enhancement ffplay git-master
#2602 Implement a soft-telecine filter open enhancement avformat git-master
#5561 Implement a tiff parser open enhancement avcodec git-master
#4409 Implement decoding for 10bit Grayscale (Y only) pixelformat from DPX open enhancement avcodec git-master
#2339 Implement or port libswscale optimizations for arm open enhancement swscale git-master
#5781 Improve documentation and examples for AVCodecParameters related functions reopened enhancement documentation git-master
#4237 Improve matroska muxing for players that don't implement the full Matroska specification new enhancement avformat git-master
#4165 Improve page selection for dvb teletext reopened enhancement undetermined git-master
#6929 Incorrect spacing in the realtime progress indicators in shell new enhancement ffmpeg git-master
#7208 Input channel layout '5 channels (FL+FR+FC+LFE+BL)' is not supported new enhancement undetermined git-master
#5170 Input option -r has no effect with -vcodec copy open enhancement ffmpeg git-master
#2845 Introduce mechanism to extract image/video metadata without actually decoding frame data new enhancement undetermined unspecified
#5012 Jpeg2000 streaming over RTP open enhancement avformat git-master
#6800 Keep MOV tags in "meta" atom during transcode new enhancement avformat git-master
#798 LEAD codecs not supported open enhancement avcodec git-master
#2352 LXF VBI data support open enhancement avformat git-master
#2097 Let Gradfun output an undithered image of higher bit depth. open enhancement avfilter git-master
#3059 Logfile append instead of overwrite open enhancement ffmpeg git-master
#4833 Long metadata truncated new enhancement avformat git-master
#6419 MPEG-4 SLS audio codec not supported open enhancement avcodec git-master
#2351 Make the unsharp filter Adaptive open enhancement avfilter git-master
#959 Media 100 codec support. open enhancement undetermined git-master
#4486 Missing AVInputFormat.get_device_list() for dshow and avfoundation open thilo.borgmann enhancement avdevice git-master
#5285 Missing subtitle format. ISMT new enhancement undetermined git-master
#1430 More efficient deshake filter open flexman enhancement avfilter unspecified
#5516 Multi-thread HTTP streaming server doesn't work open enhancement ffmpeg git-master
#1882 Multi-threading wmv encoder open enhancement avcodec git-master
#4773 Multidimensional Quantization needs aeons reopened enhancement avcodec git-master
#4638 Multithreaded FLAC encoding open enhancement avcodec git-master
#1885 Multithreaded decoding for vc1 new enhancement avcodec git-master
#998 Must convert mms://... streams to mmsh://... for FFmpeg to work open enhancement undetermined git-master
#1022 Muxing more than two streams in rm open michael enhancement avformat git-master
#6637 No debug info available when decoding HEVC open enhancement avcodec git-master
#2929 No duration estimation for dvvideo in mxf new enhancement avformat git-master
#3836 No way to get real metadata field names new enhancement avformat git-master
#6430 Ogg audio file not detected open enhancement avformat git-master
#314 OpenAL device does not work on OS X open enhancement avdevice git-master
#6718 Option to remove label on alpha channel new enhancement undetermined unspecified
#6843 PGS subtitle encoder new enhancement avcodec git-master
#1857 PNG iTXt textual information chunk open enhancement avcodec git-master
#5570 POWER8 VSX vectorization libswscale/input.c open enhancement swscale git-master
#5569 POWER8 VSX vectorization libswscale/output.c open enhancement swscale git-master
#5568 POWER8 VSX vectorization libswscale/swscale.c open enhancement swscale git-master
#3233 PSP PMF audio new enhancement undetermined git-master
#4895 Pause/Resume encoding on I/O Error new enhancement undetermined git-master
#4478 PlayStation 2 movie files not supported (.pss) new enhancement avformat git-master
#1199 Playlist support open enhancement avformat git-master
#2331 Possibility to automatically cut input by audio format change new enhancement undetermined git-master
#3166 Predefined SLConfigDescriptor is not implemented new enhancement avformat git-master
#7185 Preserve codec delay/initial padding and trailing padding during muxing new enhancement avformat git-master
#4448 Properly support cover art in ogg open enhancement avformat git-master
#3827 Provide an option to quickly seek by a number of frames new enhancement undetermined git-master
#3018 Provide online documentation for stable and git/master open enhancement documentation 2.0.1
#2415 RTSP (and SDP) client timeout is hard-coded to 10 seconds open enhancement avformat git-master
#6660 RTSP timeout for GET_PARAMETER request is hardcoded new enhancement avformat unspecified
#6690 Raw Electronic Arts ADPCM support (.XA) open enhancement avformat git-master
#5700 Read id3v2 in wav new enhancement avformat git-master
#5843 Read references in swf files reopened enhancement avformat git-master
#7110 Recognize HEVC fourCC input open enhancement avformat git-master
#2690 Red Cinema r3d files not supported open enhancement avcodec git-master
#2573 Remuxed XDCAM mov does not play correctly in Quicktime player reopened enhancement avformat git-master
#6783 Remuxing pcm_dvd does not work new enhancement avformat git-master
#7077 Request for hqdn3d filter new enhancement avfilter git-master
#1964 Request support for decoding / demuxing Adobe HDS dynamic http streaming open enhancement avformat git-master
#3123 Request: Support MKV files with ordered chapters new enhancement avformat git-master
#1748 Rtsp stream can connect but cannot fetch any data with tcp.But vlc player can play this rtsp. open enhancement avformat git-master
#6821 SER file format new enhancement avcodec git-master
#3187 SFD muxing open enhancement avformat git-master
#6132 SMPTE 2084 support in colorspace filter new enhancement avfilter git-master
#5362 SMPTE 292M EIA-608 and EIA-708 Closed Captioning new enhancement avformat git-master
#6348 SRT - Secure Reliable Transport Protocol new enhancement avformat git-master
#3971 SSA in avi not detected open ubitux enhancement avformat git-master
#7158 Send "Accept-Encoding: gzip" on .m3u8 HTTP requests new enhancement avformat git-master
#6641 Severe artifacts when decoding WMV / WMV3 (Windows Media Video 9) / VC-1 videos open enhancement avcodec git-master
#716 Shoutcast 2 metadata open enhancement avformat git-master
#6987 Showinfo halves decoding speed new enhancement avfilter git-master
#5119 Skip ID3 tag in aac file new defect avformat git-master
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