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#3191 Add support for G722.1 new enhancement avcodec git-master
#3247 Transparent subtitle outlines (IDX/SUB) upon conversion to XSUB become solid, and colors become b&w open enhancement avcodec git-master
#3280 Add dvdnav support open enhancement undetermined git-master
#3354 enhancement: Zero latency av_read_frame() new enhancement avcodec git-master
#3356 feature request: Segment HLS streams on SCTE 35 markers open enhancement undetermined git-master
#3359 ffplay does not support hw acceleration, is not documented new enhancement ffplay git-master
#3389 Feature Request - Isolate and normalize video content new enhancement undetermined unspecified
#3392 FFmpeg does not show video bitrates for H.264 video open enhancement avcodec git-master
#3493 ffmpeg unable to download when using AES-128 with https protocol new enhancement avformat git-master
#3551 Wrong duration shown for some FLV files open enhancement avformat git-master
#3566 Support new HikVision CCTV files new enhancement avformat git-master
#3570 AVFoundation indev cannot enabled when configure ffmpeg compile in Mac OS Marverick open enhancement build system git-master
#3577 add LAME tag for MP3s open enhancement avcodec git-master
#3581 HEVC video in FLV doesn't work open enhancement avformat git-master
#3595 Support >6 channels in E-AC-3 audio encoder open enhancement avcodec git-master
#3602 Use Matroska A_QUICKTIME instead of deprecated A_QUICKTIME/**** (A_QUICKTIME/QDMC, A_QUICKTIME/QDM2) Codec IDs. new enhancement avformat git-master
#3635 Have machines for fate and developers with particular instruction sets new sponsoring request undetermined unspecified
#3657 float pixel format open enhancement swscale git-master
#3718 ffmpeg does not correctly read input text file. open enhancement avformat git-master
#3720 Support decoding of Xunlei XV file open enhancement avformat git-master
#3729 FFMPEG should show warnings when FLAC encoder produce non-subset stream new enhancement avcodec git-master
#3756 Fails to identify video track in Ogg file open enhancement avformat git-master
#3796 ffmpeg should automatically determine subtitle text encoding new enhancement undetermined 2.3
#3803 Calculate actual bitrate of first frame when reading cbr dts reopened enhancement avcodec git-master
#3827 Provide an option to quickly seek by a number of frames new enhancement undetermined git-master
#3834 Support Attachment streams in libavfilter new enhancement avfilter git-master
#3854 Does hevc support ARM (VFP and NEON) optimization? open enhancement avcodec git-master
#3857 Duration does not update with growing files new enhancement avformat git-master
#3910 uspp filter using a lot memory new enhancement avfilter git-master
#3953 Support chaptering in bluray open enhancement avformat git-master
#3955 native vorbis encoder produces noise open defect avcodec git-master
#3989 "Overwrite?" dialog causes frozen video when capturing desktop video open enhancement ffmpeg git-master
#4005 Support transport streams with changing pid open enhancement avformat git-master
#4016 DRM protected content should be detected open enhancement avformat git-master
#4023 FFmpeg should use AES-NI instructions new enhancement avutil git-master
#4054 libavformat: subtitles: provide a mechanism to guess subtitle character encoding new enhancement avformat git-master
#4059 conversion only done properly when specifying the wrong subtitle encoding open enhancement undetermined git-master
#4078 Specify audio bitrate per-channel open enhancement ffmpeg git-master
#4093 Support ign files created with lavf reopened enhancement avformat git-master
#4141 HEVC: 1920x1080i file decoded as 1920x540p open enhancement avcodec git-master
#4149 Support mjpeg rotation open enhancement undetermined git-master
#4165 Improve page selection for dvb teletext reopened enhancement undetermined git-master
#4202 animated webp doesn't loop by default open enhancement avformat git-master
#4234 Direct3D desktop capture on Windows new enhancement avdevice unspecified
#4237 Improve matroska muxing for players that don't implement the full Matroska specification new enhancement avformat git-master
#4244 Add BitRate Calculation under HLS Muxer new enhancement avformat unspecified
#4286 Still image should be muxed as picture attachment new defect undetermined
#4293 avformat: optionally write an approximate duration ahead-of-time if possible new enhancement avformat git-master
#4304 Add Spatial Information (SI) / Temporal Informatilon (SI) filter according to ITU-T P.910 new enhancement avfilter unspecified
#4345 Can't convert text subs to XSUB new enhancement undetermined git-master
#4360 reencode mbs even at -mbd 0 when coeffs require cliping open enhancement avcodec git-master
#4478 PlayStation 2 movie files not supported (.pss) new enhancement avformat git-master
#4488 Export whether or not a TrueHD stream has an ATMOS substream new enhancement avcodec git-master
#4519 Support for KUX container new enhancement avformat git-master
#4530 The mov demuxer lacks support for Microsoft's network PIFF format new enhancement avformat git-master
#4573 Concatenation of files with different codecs - Using an external script: Script dosn't works in dos/windows new enhancement trac unspecified
#4614 10bit->8bit user selectable dither open enhancement swscale git-master
#4622 Add ReplayGain feature new enhancement undetermined unspecified
#4638 Multithreaded FLAC encoding open enhancement avcodec git-master
#4659 Support the MFX Dispatcher from Intel Media SDK new enhancement avcodec git-master
#4661 swscale support for V210 as a pixel format reopened enhancement swscale git-master
#4717 ffprobe fails to get Monkey's Audio sample size new enhancement avcodec git-master
#4719 ffmpeg feature request: new cropdetect based on motionlessness new enhancement avfilter git-master
#4762 Temporal Layering in HEVC Encoding new enhancement avcodec git-master
#4768 FFmpeg preserving CFR during TS to MP4 conversion new enhancement undetermined unspecified
#4773 Multidimensional Quantization needs aeons reopened enhancement avcodec git-master
#4795 option to survive "Invalid data found when processing input" new enhancement ffmpeg git-master
#4799 audio codec conversion codec 0x0135 sipro lab kelvin open enhancement avcodec git-master
#4845 concatenate dynamic chunks new enhancement avformat git-master
#4895 Pause/Resume encoding on I/O Error new enhancement undetermined git-master
#4907 Support decoding animated WebP images open enhancement avcodec git-master
#4934 nut container can't hold qtrle open enhancement avformat git-master
#4947 libx264/265 encoder "parameter unknown" is a warning rather than an error open enhancement avcodec git-master
#4976 BK2 format support open enhancement avcodec git-master
#5005 monitor index alias for gdigrab input specification as handy alternative in multimonitors environments new enhancement avdevice unspecified
#5012 Jpeg2000 streaming over RTP open enhancement avformat git-master
#5080 Excessive HTTP GETs reading MP4 from web server open enhancement avformat git-master
#5081 A wish for ffmpeg to be able to reference input properties new enhancement ffmpeg git-master
#5166 Add Bitstream Filter to drop frames from image-based video streams with -codec copy new enhancement avcodec unspecified
#5170 Input option -r has no effect with -vcodec copy open enhancement ffmpeg git-master
#5213 Change Flags for MPEG files without reencode open enhancement avcodec git-master
#5285 Missing subtitle format. ISMT new enhancement undetermined git-master
#5338 Implement -h, -h long, -h full in ffplay to match ffmpeg cli open enhancement ffplay git-master
#5361 support for the options of decoding quality of videotoolbox open enhancement avcodec git-master
#5362 SMPTE 292M EIA-608 and EIA-708 Closed Captioning new enhancement avformat git-master
#5366 Support for Audio Filtering of Core Audio of OSX open enhancement avfilter git-master
#5375 Can't download a m3u playlist stream that uses AES encryption open enhancement avformat git-master
#5391 Allow option to use webproxy new enhancement avformat git-master
#5407 WavPack correction file (hybrid mode) open enhancement undetermined git-master
#5434 add support of WebVTT subtitles in Matroksa files new enhancement avformat git-master
#5459 Subtitle encoding failed new enhancement avcodec git-master
#5470 Syphon as video device for AV Foundation new enhancement avformat git-master
#5476 Feature: Separate Real-Time Console Status Output For Audio/Video Bitrate new enhancement ffmpeg git-master
#5516 Multi-thread HTTP streaming server doesn't work open enhancement ffmpeg git-master
#5517 Add support for basic HTTP authentication to build-in http server open enhancement avdevice git-master
#5561 Implement a tiff parser open enhancement avcodec git-master
#5568 POWER8 VSX vectorization libswscale/swscale.c open enhancement swscale git-master
#5569 POWER8 VSX vectorization libswscale/output.c open enhancement swscale git-master
#5570 POWER8 VSX vectorization libswscale/input.c open enhancement swscale git-master
#5583 support for openmp of soxr new enhancement swresample unspecified
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