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#2055 wtvenc: support subtitle muxing open enhancement avformat git-master
#1887 wmv3: Old interlaced mode is not supported / Reserved RES_SM=2 is forbidden open enhancement avcodec git-master
#4140 wav: Demux cover art open enhancement avformat git-master
#5580 vp7: interlaced sample with "blit-pitch" feature open enhancement avcodec git-master
#5582 vp5: support decoding of interlaced video open enhancement avcodec git-master
#2685 vc1: Progressive Segmented Frame mode not supported new enhancement avcodec git-master
#5274 vc1 with main profile fails to decode open enhancement avcodec git-master
#2524 vc1 error concealment new enhancement avcodec git-master
#2305 v4l2 user control configuration mechanism new enhancement avdevice git-master
#3910 uspp filter using a lot memory new enhancement avfilter git-master
#3459 tiff: support cmyk color mode open enhancement avcodec git-master
#914 tiff: support "old style LZW" open enhancement avcodec git-master
#5913 teletext / zvbi -> dvbsub new enhancement avcodec git-master
#4661 swscale support for V210 as a pixel format reopened enhancement swscale git-master
#296 support seeking by decoding from the begin open enhancement undetermined git-master
#4767 support scc file of closed captioning data new enhancement avformat git-master
#5074 support perceptual hashing open enhancement avfilter unspecified
#5519 support matrox uncompressed alpha sd & hd (m103 & m104) open enhancement avcodec git-master
#1158 support iXML riff chunk open enhancement avformat git-master
#1800 support iTunes drm encrypted files reopened enhancement undetermined git-master
#3706 support header row per section in ffprobe csv writer new enhancement ffprobe git-master
#5361 support for the options of decoding quality of videotoolbox open enhancement avcodec git-master
#1956 support for shapes and sprites in swf open enhancement undetermined git-master
#5337 support for other codecs in videotoolbox encoding open kernrj enhancement avcodec git-master
#726 support for copying SMPTE 436M caption tracks open enhancement undetermined git-master
#2112 support for NL Filter open enhancement avfilter git-master
#5698 support for Matroska's EditionFlagOrdered new enhancement avformat git-master
#5699 support fMP4 segments in HLS new enhancement avformat git-master
#1087 support decoding the CineForm codec open enhancement avcodec git-master
#4711 support decoding of lscr (png) open enhancement avcodec git-master
#5334 support atrac lossless open enhancement avcodec git-master
#5601 support VQC1 ViewQuest codec new enhancement avcodec git-master
#3841 support MYUV 10-bit & 8-bit 4:2:2 YUV open enhancement avcodec git-master
#3289 support L264 without "Lead Extension" open enhancement undetermined git-master
#4728 support DICOM format open enhancement avformat git-master
#1864 support 0x350 TwoCC (Micronas speech ADPCM codec) open enhancement avcodec git-master
#2866 support --verify option for lossless encoding to decode the output in parallel to compare to original open enhancement ffmpeg git-master
#5446 shorten: support alaw and mulaw new enhancement avcodec git-master
#1248 shorten: add duration info open enhancement avformat git-master
#5445 shorten aiff fails to decode open enhancement avcodec git-master
#2563 selection and x11grab new enhancement avdevice unspecified
#4360 reencode mbs even at -mbd 0 when coeffs require cliping open enhancement avcodec git-master
#2209 provide way to list supported codecs in container open enhancement undetermined git-master
#2600 print EXT-X-STREAM-INF and BANDWIDTH in output M3U8 open enhancement avformat git-master
#5918 pct: improve qdraw support open enhancement avcodec git-master
#5499 paf: support 24bit open enhancement avcodec git-master
#5299 oscillation open enhancement avfilter git-master
#4795 option to survive "Invalid data found when processing input" new enhancement ffmpeg git-master
#3529 optimize cinepak encoder open enhancement avcodec git-master
#4190 offer internal font for drawtext open enhancement avfilter git-master
#4934 nut container can't hold qtrle open enhancement avformat git-master
#3955 native vorbis encoder produces noise open defect avcodec git-master
#5146 mxf mpeg2video: black bar at the top of the video open enhancement undetermined git-master
#2901 mpeg4 encoder does not have any of the profile/level standard new enhancement avcodec git-master
#5437 mpeg-4 als: support 32bit floating point open thilo.borgmann enhancement avcodec git-master
#5313 mpeg-4 als: add support for adaptive RLS-LMS prediction open thilo.borgmann enhancement avcodec git-master
#1762 mp4 file with 2 'mp4a' boxes in a 'stsd' box new enhancement avformat unspecified
#5005 monitor index alias for gdigrab input specification as handy alternative in multimonitors environments new enhancement avdevice unspecified
#4489 mkv cropping new enhancement undetermined git-master
#4686 mjpeg: support 2:1:1 YCbCrK open enhancement avcodec git-master
#712 m2v: wrong duration open enhancement avformat git-master
#4947 libx264/265 encoder "parameter unknown" is a warning rather than an error open enhancement avcodec git-master
#4054 libavformat: subtitles: provide a mechanism to guess subtitle character encoding new enhancement avformat git-master
#3479 jpegls: support sample interleaved images open defect avcodec git-master
#3527 jpegls: support cmyk open enhancement avcodec git-master
#2779 jpegls: support YCbCr 2:1:1 color transform open enhancement avcodec git-master
#2004 jpeg: support some more pix fmts open enhancement avcodec git-master
#4601 jpeg2000: Support for image offsets is not implemented new enhancement avcodec git-master
#1452 image2 to support %t reopened enhancement avformat git-master
#4112 ugly on phones new defect website unspecified
#4500 hevc does not support skip_frame new enhancement avcodec git-master
#1347 gif parser open enhancement avcodec git-master
#2432 generate/draw timecode from image number new enhancement ffmpeg unspecified
#5483 g721: support stereo modes open enhancement avcodec git-master
#3155 g264 only decodes keyframes new enhancement avcodec git-master
#2933 flv captions new enhancement avformat git-master
#3657 float pixel format open enhancement swscale git-master
#5028 flac cover art image type not autodetected new enhancement avformat git-master
#2959 filter line using only one core (need frame multithreading) new enhancement avfilter git-master
#2463 ffspeak new enhancement undetermined unspecified
#4717 ffprobe fails to get Monkey's Audio sample size new enhancement avcodec git-master
#5665 ffplay: make schowmod rdft a bit configurable new enhancement ffplay git-master
#5389 ffplay: add option to initialize is->audio_volume value new enhancement ffplay git-master
#3359 ffplay does not support hw acceleration, is not documented new enhancement ffplay git-master
#4566 ffmpeg won't copy metadata ("StreamTitle") from audio live stream (transcoding) open enhancement avformat git-master
#3493 ffmpeg unable to download when using AES-128 with https protocol new enhancement avformat git-master
#3796 ffmpeg should automatically determine subtitle text encoding new enhancement undetermined 2.3
#3518 ffmpeg lacks Raspberry Pi hardware encoding support new enhancement undetermined git-master
#4719 ffmpeg feature request: new cropdetect based on motionlessness new enhancement avfilter git-master
#1565 ffmpeg fails to build on x32 ABI reopened enhancement avcodec git-master
#2031 ffmpeg fails to access certain http URLs reopened enhancement avformat git-master
#3718 ffmpeg does not correctly read input text file. open enhancement avformat git-master
#1698 ffmpeg daemon mode lacks documentation open enhancement documentation git-master
#1018 ffmpeg cannot decode quicktime with combined gif and blur streams open enhancement undetermined git-master
#2001 ffmpeg can't handle mms streaming using http:// prefix open enhancement avformat git-master
#602 feature request: movie sink for ffplay open enhancement avfilter unspecified
#3356 feature request: Segment HLS streams on SCTE 35 markers open enhancement undetermined git-master
#2631 fade filter offset from the end of stream open enhancement avfilter git-master
#5870 exr: support subsampling open enhancement avcodec git-master
#5693 exr: support dwa decompression open enhancement avcodec git-master
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